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Penis Plugs

Penis Plugs

What Size to Start With?

Beginner users should opt for penis plugs that have a diameter of the average male urethra, which is 6 mm to 8 mm in diameter.

Unfortuantly you will know your exact diameter until you try. It is a matter of trial and error.  We always suggest that you err on the side of to large, that way if it is to large then you can still use it once you stretch to that size, instead of getting to small and it just be a waste of money.


The length of a penis plug or another urethral toy largely depends on users’ preference and experience levels. Beginner users are highly advised to use shorter penis plugs (around 3-8 inches in length). Extra long penis plugs (10 inches and more) are reserved only for the most experienced users.


You will need to stretch and train your urethra to be able to accept larger toys.

Use During Sex

Penis plugs and other urethral toys are great for masturbation but there is always a risk of hurting your partner if you wear them during sexual intercourse. Go slow and be cautious with each new one. Also we only reccomend the Penis Plugs that have Glans Rings attached, that way it is much less likely that it will come out during intercouse.

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