Hegar Urethral Sound Kit


The Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit is a complete collection of premium urethral sounds made in virtually all the sizes you will want. The best thing about these sounds is that each sound has a different size on each side, so you are really getting 16 Urethral sounds for the price of 8!

The Hegar Sound kit is also a kit that is fantastic for newbies and experienced alike because they are so smooth and you can work your way up, and you will always be able to know the size that you are ready for when ordering Penis Plugs or other sounds.

This is a great way to stretch to the next size to get even more sensations.

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The Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit is not only the most popular sound set sold but it is also a fantastic collection of sounds made for intense urethral stimulation. Hegar sounds are extremely popular and made to provide great sensations, so this kit will satisfy any man looking for deep urethral stimulation newbie or experienced.

There are 8 sounds in the set, but since each of sound a different size on each end, it actually means you are getting 16 different sized sounds for the price of 8. The smallest one is 3 mm and the largest on is 18 mm, so there is something for everyone.

This kit is also great for training your urethra. It will help you gradually increase its size in a gentle and comfortable manner.

Many people also like to also use these sounds not just for urethral stimulation but also anally, vaginally or for deep prostate stimulation. It makes these sounds into a truly multi-functional pieces made for pleasure. Not to mention that this elegant kit would make a great gift for that special someone.

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