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Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell


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Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece made for your comfort. It’s very lightweight so it can be worn in almost any piercing type. They are a perfect choice for people who want their jewelry to be light, comfortable and easy to wear.

Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell

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Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell is carefully crafted to provide all the advantages lightweight body jewelry can bring. It's elegant, beautifully designed and looks great any way you wear it. The best thing about this piece is that it's so light so you can wear it even in places where heavy jewelry is a nuisance.

Please note: even though the barbell is made of acrylic, the threads are made of Surgical Steel. Therefore, this jewelry piece can't be worn for a MRI or in other situations where metal jewelry is not welcomed.

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The 3/4" measurement, is that outside diameter or inside?
What size are the balls for an 8 gauge?

Customer Reviews

Not bad jewelry Review by Dennis

The one thing I don't like about it and I didn't know is that the item I bought strips thread because its acrylic

(Posted on 3/25/18)

Great for the everyday thing Review by MIkie50

I have been using this ring for a few years. The weight was a great relief from a ½“ Monster Screwball ring. Gone thru TSA and since it wasn’t the whole body scan, nothing was picked up. Even with my 2 Hafada’s. Keep in mind, this is plastic. The threads WILL wear out. I keep an extra one on hand just in case. If one does strip out, I will superglue that one on and when the other goes, I swap them out and toss the old one. For 20 bucks, the price is great and if taken care of, they will last a long time.

(Posted on 3/9/18)

Not as advertised Review by Kris

Not bad, it's lightweight for sure, but it is NOT 1/2 inch. It is 11.7mm, not 12.7mm, so I was disappointed with that. It was alright until the treads in one ball end stripped and it partially slid out of my P.A. a with the threads stabbing the inside of my cock. I pulled it out and threw it away.

(Posted on 2/26/18)

Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell Review by hottbod49

didn't realized I got a 00 so I didn't get to use it yet,but working on it ...seem like I will like it because it lighter and smooth like the steel....

(Posted on 8/31/17)

Acrylic Piercing Review by Me

I wished that there was actually a bigger size because the end balls still slide through the piercing holes!

(Posted on 8/9/17)

Very nice with one exception... Review by DaleIvan

Great value. Love how light the 00 gauge is. It's a nice break from my heavy stainless rings.
The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that the threads are on the barbell itself. You have to be mindful when putting it on as not to poke yourself. Much prefer threads on the balls.

(Posted on 8/7/17)

Looks great Review by Jaybaby

Although it will probably be a month or so before I can accommodate this one (4g), I have to say I am impressed with the smooth finish and its extreme lightweight nature. My overall experience with purchases through the Chain Gang has been excellent. Keep up the great work, friends!

(Posted on 6/1/17)

Excellent product Review by PA heaven

This acrylic barbell is great for use on a daily basis as it gives my cock a rest from the heavy weight of the metal jewellery. Just need to ensure balls are tightened to prevent undoing but not too tight to split the end.

(Posted on 4/3/17)

love it Review by John

Love it! Very light weight, and the balls at the end are not as large as if it were metal. I have a 2g PA--BF prefers it as well :o) Also, very light weight! I also noticed the balls have a longer stud than metal, so they do not appear to get loose like metal ones

(Posted on 3/22/17)

Definitely light weight, but fragile Review by Indyguy

I purchased this to swap out with my stainless PA. I felt that the weight of the stainless version, plus its extra large balls, was getting to be too much and occasionally was uncomfortable. So, I decided to occasionally "give it a rest". Plus, I was going to traveling and thought this would be a great way to avoid the usual problems with TSA It worked perfectly as far as airport security, plus the weight was amazing and felt so much better than the stainless one. However, be VERY careful to not tighten it too much as it will crack apart. I even read about this in other reviews, but I was shocked at how little it takes to crack it. Even being careful to not tight too much it cracked for me. At this point I'm not sure its worth the price since it seems to be so incredibly easy to break it. Just be very aware of this before you buy.

(Posted on 2/19/17)

Always looking for a stylish light weight 1/2" (oooga) piece of art Review by btmguy2010

My 000ga metal ring is pretty heavy to carry around with when jogging or hiking... This is a ideal piece to give my dick a break when I needed to go light. This gave my dick a ease of weight without worrying about the hole closing in.

It will be even better if the shop can have some spare cap for us to buy with the item just in case we stripped the screw hole; Or to make the screw and hole bigger.......

(Posted on 1/29/17)

Good Item Review by Bill

I like the feel of the item, it gives me a break from the weight of the metal ring. I was concerned about the exposed threads on the circle but not a problem if care is taken when being inserted into the PA.

(Posted on 10/27/16)

Love it! Review by Mikey

Very comfortable and lightweight for all-day use. Only wish they made a 14-15mm dia. size. Black is great but additional colors would be exciting too.

(Posted on 8/14/16)

Brilliant Review by Daf900

I got the 1/2" one in every day so comfy don't even know it's there

(Posted on 7/13/16)

Great Jewelry, but be careful tightening it! Review by KenP

I still love this piece and it is great for giving my cock a break from the weight of my metal jewelry. I had to re-order it as I over tightened it and stripped the screw hole. I also find that one of the balls can work itself loose more easily than on my metal jewelry so I try to remember to check tightness a couple of times each day. I wear the 1/2 " gauge in my PA.

(Posted on 7/10/16)

Awesome Review by Beardedscot

Love the piece

(Posted on 5/12/16)

great Review by Bear

everything I expected, I just wish there was a taper to help me take a 00 gauge to .5 inch,

(Posted on 3/27/16)

Must-Have PA Review by desertrat1

Very nice and useful item, to replace much heavier metal jewelry occasionally and allow your fistula to rest and relax a day or two every week. I have just ordered a replacement for the00 ga. I ruined by over-tightening, plus one in 1/2 " out of curiosity. Since my fistula has self-stretched to 000 ga. installing the 00 ga acrylic was no problem at all The gloss black is an attractive change from the bright metal I wear most.

(Posted on 3/25/16)

Light weight a good option over metal Review by TPA

The light weight is just what I was looking for. Needed a break from the heavy jewelry. It's so light you don't even know it's there. I use a taper to put it in so I don't gouge myself with the metal stud for the ball. Over all very pleased. I bought two so I can rotate them out.

(Posted on 3/8/16)

Awesome Service & Product Review by KenP

As always, my order was dealt with promptly and I received my jewelry in a very timely fashion. While I most like wearing my surgical steel jewelry in my PA because I love the feel of the weight at the end of my penis; the weight can sometimes be too much and so I give the skin "a break" by wearing my acrylic barbell. The black color looks very sexy and it is very comfortable to wear. It is also very useful to have because I always wear it on travel days which makes passing thru airport security screenings hassle free. I would highly recommend it!

(Posted on 1/27/16)

Just Perfect Review by MowerGuy4

Altho I'm at 00 ga, I ordered this item in the largest offered (0 ga.) out of curiosity because it is so inexpensive. It is nice to wear now & then for a change, and I'm glad I have it. Like everything else I've purchased from Chain Gang, it is beautifully made and finished.

(Posted on 12/30/15)

Quality Review by Davido

This is a lovely piece of jewellery. But I won't be wearing it anytime soon. Thought it would be soooo hot to have this big thing (0 gauge) in my PA peircing. But it was just a sexy fantasy since I'm only at 2 gauge and this thing is HUGE. It will remain a fantasy. Sooooo hot. I may need to get a 2 guage one. That would still be hot.

(Posted on 10/30/15)

Much lighter ... nice break from steel in pa. Review by 00g pa

Nice to give cock a break from constant weight of steel.

(Posted on 10/30/15)

Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell Great purchase Review by ctnolter

I have had this for a month now and I'm very pleased with my purchase. No real weight to it and nothing to snag you tender flesh. I would reccomend to others interested in purchasing this.

(Posted on 7/23/15)

Fantastic Jewelry Review by sheldon

Since i was wearing a 4 Gage i need to to to a 2-Gage and i was so happy to receive these. I could not wait to put them and when i did they looked fantastic on my Nipples. I truly love them and can't wait to show them off. Thank You

(Posted on 6/25/15)

great product, just wish the screw side was in the ball rather than the ting Review by nipplering

Great product

(Posted on 6/19/15)

light-weight Review by weightonpa

Fitting is to be taken with care as you have a thin metal screw. Then putting ball on the ring it comes loose. Plus i was hoping it was metal free so its one more to be added to my load. Nice finish

(Posted on 3/28/15)

Good fit Review by Frank

This is a good fit in my PA. I need the lighter weight for the larger guage for heavy ones can cause a type of pressure sore to the wall of the piercing wall.

The only down side is the threaded posts to mount the balls; they are very small and the threads in the balls can be easily stripped or cross threaded, so do not over tighten them! I wish they made the threaded posts larger so this is not a problem.

(Posted on 1/6/15)

Black Ops Review by Henry

I needed non-metallic jewelry for an outpatient procedure at a hospital that bans piercings, even though the procedure does not involve MRIs or the like. This looks good, but boy, is it light. It;s a nice change from the heavy stainless 0 gauge ring I normally wear.

(Posted on 10/13/13)

light-weight Review by Jeff

this circular barbell is a grear piece to add to my collection. I wear it through the day at work and it won't "pull me down" so to speak. the light-weight takes care of the pull down and allows me to keep my pierced hole open.
the down side is that you have to be careful of the screws when inserting it into your body and the balls tend to loosen up so you have to always check them to ensure you don't lose one.

(Posted on 8/11/13)

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