Clearance - Darkside Acrylic Ball Closure Ring

Darkside Acrylic Ball Closure Ring is an elegant ring made in black color. The best thing about this jewelry piece is that it's made of acrylic, so it's suitable for all the situations where metal jewelry is a nuisance (airport, hospital, etc.) This ring is beautifully designed and suitable for almost any piercing type.
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Darkside Acrylic Ball Closure Rings make a great alternative for metal jewelry pieces. Unlike Surgical Steel, Titanium or Gold, this ring is made of acrylic. It contains no metals, so it's ideal for situations where you can't wear metal body jewelry.

Airports, X-ray, MRI and many other situations require you to remove metal from your body. This ring can be used in all these circumstances without a problem. You may also wear this ring during almost any medical procedure that otherwise requires you to remove body jewelry.

In addition to this, acrylic jewelry is lightweight and very comfortable, so you will sure enjoy it.

The ring itself is made in shiny black color so it looks very elegant and attractive.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair order 2.

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