14K Gold - Curved Barbell

14k Gold – Curved Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece suitable for many piercing types (belly piercing, ear piercing, eyebrow piercing, genital piercing, and more). This classy curved barbell is made of solid, nickel-free gold with simple yet elegant balls on both ends.
As low as $81.99

14k Gold – Curved Barbell is made of solid, nickel-free gold. The whole jewelry piece uses the high-quality solid gold, including the balls. Our jewelry doesn’t use hollow shafts and balls so it remains strong and durable. Solid gold is particularly good for adding some sophistication and elegance to any piercing.

This jewelry piece uses the standard ball sizes:

18-gauge includes 1/8" Balls
16-gauge includes 5/32" Balls
14-gauge includes 3/16" Balls
12-gauge includes 3/16" Balls
10-gauge includes 1/4" Balls
8-gauge includes 1/4" Balls

There are also additional gauges and ball sizes available on request.

The gold used for this piece is completely nickel-free, so it’s body safe. Available in both 14k Yellow and 14k White gold.


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