E-Stim Electro Straps

Take control and be the master of your sexual desires with the E-Stim Electro Straps that are ready to push you to extreme ecstasy that you have full control over as easy as turning a dial!
Enhance your electrosex play with E-Stim Electro Straps guaranteed to make you tingle with excitement! You get a pair of straps made out of a stretchy fabric that are fully adjustable and will adjust to fit most normal sizes. Moisten before use, then just slide onto the base and head of the penis, tighten the straps to desired snug fit, and plug it in to your E-Stim Powerbox to let the fun begin. Two snap to 4mm banana adapters are provided. ***E-STIM CABLES AND E-STIM SYSTEMS POWERBOX REQUIRED***ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH E-STIM SYSTEMS DEVICES*** Also can be used around a wrist for spanking and other erotic points. Strap up and let the fun begin!
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