Juggernaut Butt Plug

Juggernaut Butt Plug is a massive anal toy made for intense sensations. It’s ideal for those who want their anal plugs to be big, sturdy and intense. Juggernaut Butt Plug is recommended to more experienced users who like massive anal toys.
1. Longer description: Juggernaut Butt Plug is a huge anal plug made for serious players. This is an unbelievable toy that will make you cum hard over and over again. You will not find a better price for such a high-quality, massive butt plug. This huge anal toy is made for more experienced users who need their toys to be sturdy an intense. It is designed to provide lots of pleasure and enjoyment, but you need to be accustomed to butt plugs to try enjoy it. Don’t forget to practice good sanitary hygiene when using your anal plug. Always make sure that it’s properly sterilized and use it only for one area at a time. The dimensions of this butt plug are: • Base Plate: 2 3/4 Inches • Height: About 4 1/2 Inches • Pod Diameter: About 1 inch - 2 3/8 • Weight: 3 pounds 10 Ounces Please note: Orders Outside the USA or Canada for this item will incur additional shipping charges due to its weight. Email us your country and the items you would like for the shipping charge.
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