Art Deco Butt Plug

Own your own piece of Art with the Art Deco Butt Plug! This beauty is made of 316L Surgical Steel, and measures in at 4 -/2 inches long and 35mm at the widest part. With it's art inspired design it will bring you immense pleasure for a lifetime! Beautifully designed for your pleasure and to stay in place comfortably.
Get ready for intense pleasure with this uniquely shaped plug, and experience all the enjoyment it has to offer! The Art Deco Butt Plug starts out by teasing you in the beginning and then exploding inside you all at once as you completely take it in. It is 4 1/2 insert able inches long and starts out at 20mm wide and tapers to 35mm wide & then tapers back down to 12mm for an awe inspiring feeling as it enters your body. It has an easy to grasp disk to make insertion and removal a breeze. The whole piece is made of 316L Surgical Steel to make cleanup a snap and last you a lifetime. This plug weighs 14.3 Ounces
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