Anal Intruder with Urethral Plug

Anal Intruder with Urethral Plug is a multi-functional toy made to hit all the right spots, and keep you hard all day. This intruder provides anal penetration to stimulate your prostate for the most erotic sensations. The toy also includes a smooth and adjustable penis plug, in both Hollow and Solid made for urethral stimulation and a cock ring for additional stimulation All At The Same Time.
The Anal Intruder with Urethral Plug is a sturdy anal toy with a 30 mm ball made for deep anal and penis stimulation all at the same time. This is a great way to have some hands-free fun and experience intense anal sensations from the back, and penis sensations from the front at the same time. The toy includes a cock ring with a smooth penis plug. The cock ring is 49 mm and it has an attached urethral plug made for additional stimulation. The penis plug is 65 mm long and 8 mm wide, but you can adjust the length to you desires. It comes with both a solid plug and hollow plug to allow fluids to pass through. The whole toy is made of 316L Surgical Steel so it’s medical grade safe, easily cleaned and naturally durable.
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