Platinum Silicone Round Ball Stretcher

Add the Platinum Silicone Round Ball Stretcher to your ball stretching collection and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer from ball stretching to adding additional comfort when used with your metal stretcher/weights! ***THESE ARE NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS***
If you are into Ball Stretching then the Platinum Silicone Round Ball Stretcher is a must have companion! This beauty is made of high grade platinum silicone and is soft and super stretchy for an amazing feel. We do however recommend ONLY using Non-Petroleum Based Lubricants to extend the life of this item. They are 15mms in height with various inside diameters to choose from so that you get the perfect fit for all your needs. This piece is an excellent addition to your stretching obsession and can serve multiple functions. You can wear it when you cannot wear a metal stretcher for whatever reason, you can wear it on top of a metal stretcher to add a little cushioning against the skin, and you can also wear it under a metal stretcher to assist in preventing slippage. Truly a must have in your Ball Stretching arsenal! ***THESE ARE NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS***
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