Parachute Ball Stretcher

The Parachute Ball Stretcher is a special device ideal for adventurous people. It has rings that can be tugged on or used to add weights and enhance the experience. This stretcher is fully adjustable so it’s ideal both for beginners and more experienced users.

The Parachute Ball Stretcher is a unique device that will make your kinky games more exciting. This stretcher is made of soft leather so it provides both comfort and strength. It’s made to enclose your boys and provide just as much stretching as you need.

The Parachute features metal rings you can use in many different ways. The smallest size is 7/8", second size is 1 1/4" and the Largest size is 1 3/8". They can be tugged on for some intense stimulation or can be used to hang weights.

Here are some weights that would work great with this piece:

Large Heavy Weights

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