Mike's Spikes

Mike’s Spikes is a sturdy collar with multiple spikes made for erotic experience. This is a great device for keeping it under lock and key! You can also tighten it down to provide a truly intense experience. He can get free only when you unlock him!

Mikes’ Spikes is a great toy made for intensity. It includes a lock and multiple spikes that will sure provide powerful stimulation.

You can lock up your man and let it free only when you want!

This toy also allows you to tighten down all of the allen keys one at a time for a truly intense experience.

The inside diameter is 44mm before the spikes, and if all of the spikes are tightened it goes down to almost an inch. The toy is 38mm high and it’s hinged and closed with a lock. The spikes are fully adjustable to fit your pleasure level.

This is a great toy for all your kinky games and intense pleasure!

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