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Donut Ball Stretcher Weight


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These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Stretcher Weights are made exclusively for comfort and is the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight. Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stack-able if you like to stack them. They are either 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a comfortable fit.
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Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

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Ball Stretcher Weights are designed for male scrotum stretching, or for temporary sensations. The weight collar is worn directly above the testicles.
With the two piece design they are easy to use because you just screw the 2 halves together.

These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Weights are made exclusively for comfort and is the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight. Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stackable if you like to stack them. They are either 20, 30, 40, or 50 mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a comfortable fit.

Made of a highly polished 316LVM Medical Grade Surgical Steel which looks really awesome.

If You Order the wrong size?

No problem, we will exchange them if they do not fit.
     Yes you can try them on, not a problem.

20 mm x 26 mm 9.2 ounces
20 mm x 28 mm 9.3 ounces
20 mm x 30 mm 9.7 ounces
20 mm x 32 mm 10.1 ounces
20 mm x 34 mm 10.9 ounces
20 mm x 36 mm 11.4 ounces
20 mm x 38 mm 12.1 ounces
20 mm x 40 mm 12.3 ounces
20 mm x 42 mm 12.5 ounces
20 mm x 44 mm 13 ounces
20 mm x 46 mm 13.2 ounces
20 mm x 48 mm 13.7 ounces
20 mm x 50 mm 14.2 ounces
 30 mm
26 mm
14.3 ounces
30 mm x 28 mm 15.0 ounces
30 mm x 30 mm 15.3 ounces
30 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 1 ounces
30 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 0.8 ounces
30 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 1.7 ounces
30 mm x 38 mm 1 pound 2.3 ounces
30 mm x 40 mm 1 pound 2.9 ounces
30 mm x 42 mm 1 pound 4.2 ounces
30 mm x 44 mm 1 pound 4.8 ounces
30 mm x 46 mm 1 pound 5.4 ounces
30 mm x 48 mm 1 pound 6.3 ounces
30 mm x 50 mm 1 pound 1.67 ounces
40 mm x 28 mm 1 pound 4.6 ounces
40 mm x 30 mm 1 pound 5.6 ounces
40 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 6.4 ounces
40 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 7.3 ounces
40 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 8.2 ounces
40 mm x 38 mm 1 pound  8.9 ounces
40 mm x 40 mm 1 pound 10.4 ounces
40 mm x 42 mm 1 pound 11.7 ounces
40 mm x 44 mm 1 pound 12.8 ounces
40 mm x 46 mm 1 pound 13.3 ounces
40 mm x 48 mm 1 pound 14.1 ounces
40 mm x 50 mm 1 pound 15.7 ounces
50 mm x 28 mm 1 pound 10.4 ounces
50 mm x 30 mm 1 pound 11.5 ounces
50 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 12.4 ounces
50 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 13.5 ounces
50 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 14.8 ounces
50 mm x 38 mm 1 pound 15.8 ounces
50 mm x 40 mm 2 pounds 1.2 ounces
50 mm x 42 mm 2 pounds 2.7 ounces
50 mm x 44 mm 2 pounds 3.3 ounces
50 mm x 46 mm 2 pounds 5 ounces
50 mm x 48 mm 2 pound 6.4 ounces
50 mm x 50 mm 2 pounds 7.7 ounces
60 mm x 28 mm 2 pound
60 mm x 30 mm 2 pound 1 ounces
60 mm x 32 mm 2 pound 3 ounces
60 mm x 34 mm 2 pound 4 ounces
60 mm x 36 mm 2 pound 6 ounces
60 mm x 38 mm 2 pounds 8 ounces
60 mm x 40 mm 2 pounds 9 ounces
60 mm x 42 mm 2 pounds 10.2 ounces
60 mm x 44 mm 2 pounds 11.5 ounces
60 mm x 46 mm 2 pounds 12.6 ounces
60 mm x 48 mm 2 pounds 14.4 ounces
60 mm x 50 mm 3 pounds


Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of some of the sizes. The charge usually ranges from $3.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.

Customer Reviews

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30 cm weight Review by Hangman

The weight is comfortable and at last I have the right size. 36 ID is right 38 too big. Wearing as I type. Nice addition to the 5 other rings I have - bringing me up to 90cm. Nice hang slowly coming on. Great service good product. Only negative the screw was hard to get in and out initially and I was worried it may be cross threaded - not a good place to be if it was stuck on! Seems ok after a little bit of wear. Of the weights I have these are far and away the most comfortable. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 8/23/16)

Donut ball weight Review by iangecko1

I ordered 2 x 20mm x 38mm ID and they have arrived within the specified times given. Great service. I've started wearing was easy ti fit and is feeling very comfortable.I can't wait til I can fit the second. Thanks again for the great service and a great product.

(Posted on 8/22/16)

Good Quality Review by Mark

Quality product. I purchased the 20mm x 32mm and 30mm x 32mm weights. Very smooth finish and comfortable fit. The Chain Gang shipped very quick with excellent communication.

(Posted on 8/14/16)

Excellent Product & Customer Service Review by

How's it hangin'?! If you love the look of these but have scoured the web looking for the BEST- only to be disappointed by mixed reviews and limited sizing elsewhere, well- you are in the right place! A pal on Spandex referred me to Chain Gang, and I couldn't be happier with my experience here. Their shipping is lightning fast, and even though I initially ordered a size 12mm too large in diameter, Chain Gangs customer reps quickly helped to get me into the right size. This is my very first ball stretcher and I ordered the 36mm X 40mm... Needless to say I am beyond satisfied! Thank you Chain Gang!

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Very comfortable Review by Hunter

Weight is very comfortable and easy to put on. The rounded edge keeps it from cutting into your skin. Will order more in larger sizes in the future. Would like to see this donut weight available with weight hooks on the side for at-home use.

(Posted on 8/7/16)

Nice Review by jussipussi

Perfect fit. Comfortable and looks great. Shipping was quickly.

(Posted on 8/7/16)

Love'm Review by R

Got 2 30mm and 1 50mm. Best quality... wear 24-7

(Posted on 8/6/16)



(Posted on 7/30/16)

High quality, unfortunitly it does not fit, too small Review by Osolucky

High quality, unfortunitly it does not fit, too small

No problem just exchange it with us.

(Posted on 7/27/16)

Very comfortable Review by Brian

I initially bought the 20 * 36 and wore it for a day or so, it was so comfortable I didn't even notice I had it on. This also told be it was not heavy enough so I returned it and purchased a 30 * 36 instead.

It is initially tricky trying to get it on and keep both halves aligned, but gets much easier with practice.

(Posted on 7/27/16)

30mm donut for comfort Review by Neil

Ordered 30mm donut specifically to sit directly above the testicles, this being by far the most comfortable of ball weight on the market.
Service was excellent and delivery was speedy.

(Posted on 7/26/16)

satisfied... Review by gen0

ordered the piece and it fit great!!! and ordering another to stack on top...

(Posted on 7/26/16)

Excellent Review by Kd

Feels great and very happy with this product!

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Great merchandise/service Review by Anthony

I've purchased three items from these guys, including one of these weights (50x34). On each occasion their products were delivered in a very timely fashion, and the quality and aesthetic has been top notch. I don't usually post reviews, as I mostly think they're a waste of time, and I like to make my own decisions, and draw my own conclusions about any enterprise-but these guys have sold me, and I wanted to give them a kudos. I'll certainly look towards them for these kinds of products in the future.

(Posted on 7/24/16)

wmc ball weight Review by Big Al

Thanks for a fabulous product,i just received a 40x40 weight and thought shit look at the size! I have been using 3 weights for a 50mm but been Winter here in Canberra Australia I'd have to take a ring off for a comfortable day at work.
Now with the new weight plus my 20x40 I have been wearing 60mm 24/7 for the last week with no problem with the cold I'm just loving this as its 1.1 kg tugging on my balls I'm in heaven.
Thanks for the awesome hang I'm getting
Cheers Al

(Posted on 7/22/16)

AWSOME FEEL Review by Henry

Ordered the 20 mm to stack with my 30 mm and feels great! Since summer has hit here my stretch is really moving along. Going to hold off until I can get the 60mm on. Was using the round 2 piece and was very bulky. Customer service is great here with Chain Gang, and great products.

(Posted on 7/19/16)

Unhappy with Service Review by DJ

I ordered the 30x40mm Donut Ball Stretcher Weight. Delivery was quick and the quality of the product is great but as with many others I found it was too large. Web site clearly states you can exchange for the correct size.
" If You Order the wrong size? No problem, we will exchange them if they do not fit."
When I got a RMA, it stated it was for store credit, that they DO NOT do exchanges.
I had gotten a first time order discount which now does not apply to my reorder so the replacement will cost me addition money. SOME EXCHANGE POLICY.
I will pay the extra and be done with The Chain Gang and their misleading statements.

Sorry that you feel that way but all that you had to do was tell us and we would have exchanged it for you. We are not trying to take away anyone's discount.

(Posted on 7/19/16)

fantastic one Review by M

This Ball Stretcher is very ... so very fantastic!
I'm Japanese male.
Swelling of my scrotum, 30X34mm Donut Ball Stretcher Weight is fit one perfectly!
feel smooth.

(Posted on 7/18/16)

Very happy with product. . Review by Rick

Quite pleased with the donut ring.wearing right this moment.have 3 different rings now only can wear 2 at time. Looking for a cock ring next

(Posted on 7/17/16)

Love the feel Quick shipping Review by Steve

Well this is my first Ball Stretcher and love the feel of it between my legs as I walk. Im still not sure I got the correct size its a 20x30 as its very tough to get on without pinching myself. Still debating on sending in back for a few more mm in diameter. I have very tight balls and the wife likes the feeling of them slapping against her so I said what the heck lets stretch them out. Hoping for good results in the next few months...

(Posted on 7/14/16)

Donut ball stretcher is great Review by indydick

I stepped up in weight again and this feels great. Thanks Chain Gang for another quality product.

(Posted on 7/13/16)

Very satisfied customer Review by Petru

Fast service. Great products .

(Posted on 7/6/16)

Best product on the market Review by Billy

Supremely comfortable. Moved up to 30mm from 20 and find it even more comfortable. Can still stack em for satisfying temporary tug.

(Posted on 7/6/16)


This the most comfortable weight I just got to know. I was using the round 2 piece 20 X 42 stacked up sometimes. Very hard to move and bulky. This Donut Ball Weight gives me movement were I can feel my balls hit my leg and tug is GREAT! Major game change for me. Chain Gang is GREAT!!!

(Posted on 7/4/16)

Impressive from the start Review by Heft

This stretcher was impressive from the moment it came out of the box. It has a nice heft to it, and really feels comfortable to wear long term. It also really looks fantastic. It's nice as a piece of jewelry. The Chain Gang was great about changing out the size when the first one wasn't quite right.

(Posted on 7/4/16)

Takes the edge off Review by CopeSSkin

The donut shape is prefect for wearing directly above the balls, if you're stacking weights. As so many have said; read how to order the proper size. You don't want blood circulation cut off, nor do you want a ball slipping through. Don't go weight crazy. There's lots of sensitive, tender parts that suffer real injury if ya go too heavy too quickly. We're all big boys, do your homework. I ain't here to lecture you. But if this is a scene you're into, for long term comfort, the donut shape is simply THE way to go. It evens out the pressure that square edged weights place on your anatomy making wearing the weight the pleasure it should be.

(Posted on 6/30/16)

I love the feel of the smooth, comfortable weight tugging on my package! Review by David

I just received my 2nd ball stretcher at 40 X 32 and the extra weight feels just wonderful once I'm all snugged in and I feel the weight swinging on top of my balls and tugging them downwards. It's like a hand firmly gripping me and gently pulling me while I get the most incredible hard-on Add a nice weighty PA to it in your glans, and you have a masturbation machine that will give you the rush of your life over and over again. Yea!

(Posted on 6/19/16)

Well Made. Review by Jim

Well made everyday wear. Best I have owned. Exceptional in quality and comfort also Fast shipping.

(Posted on 6/19/16)

Love! Review by Cam in CLT

The donut ball weights are amazing! Pay special attention to the dimensions chart, though. It's easy to order the wrong size. Yhe good news is that an exchange is very easy. Thanks chaingang!

(Posted on 6/18/16)

Very satisfied customer Review by Hank

I received my 20x34mm donut today. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable. I
wish that I had known about Chain Gang years ago. The products are top notch
as is the customer service. I will order more in the future. I am totally satisfied!!

(Posted on 6/13/16)

Great product Review by Mike

I received my weight and immediately put it on to try it out and loved it.

(Posted on 6/13/16)

Very satisfied customer Review by Hank

I ordered the 20x40mm donut but I didn't read the measuring
instructions completely. It arrived in a few days and I quickly
found out that it was too large. I am going to reorder the 34mm.
Sara provided me with a RMA within two hours of requesting it.
So far, I am completely satisfied with the product and the quick

(Posted on 6/12/16)

Awesome weight! Review by JC

This thing is extremely comfortable and has a nice pull to it. I picked up the 40x40 and it's just perfect.

(Posted on 6/11/16)

These weights are excellent! Review by Eric

I have 2 of these weights and only wear one currently. I'm working up to more weight slowly! I have to say that since I can wear one all day comfortably I look forward to more stretching. I really enjoy the all day tug! Knowing and feeling it there is awesome!
Needless to say I'll be back for more when the time is right!

(Posted on 6/2/16)

Meets my desires. Review by Frank

The item I got meets my desires. It fits me. It is comfortable. It has very good quality. However, maybe a hinged version would be easier to install.

(Posted on 5/26/16)

Consistent quality Review by Happy Customer

Have purchased at least six of these over the last year with all great products received. Will continue to use.

(Posted on 5/24/16)

Quality Review by The great

Awesome quality.

(Posted on 5/22/16)

Great look and feel Review by Jim

My first steel ball stretcher. Feels amazing and looks great. Using a natural lube, such as cocoa butter, is a must. And the only problem I have is my stretched sensitive balls chaff from rubbing against fabric, use loose boxers with very soft material.

(Posted on 5/21/16)

Great product Review by Steven

Received my 20mmX32mm last Friday. I suppose my getting a boner, walking back from the mailbox and opening it up tells the entire story. I am fairly new to ball stretching, have purchased several different types and sizes, in the last few weeks. I was hooked, as soon as I figured out how to get the first one on. It does feel like you need at least 3 hands to get them on, at first. I like many of the guys on here, assumed my boys were at least average sized. But all of the rings I had up until this one would work there way off after a few hours. Not a big deal, but it is uncomfortable and having a chunk of bright shinning steel hitting the floor in the middle of the grocery store. Is attention getting.
My new donut weight is perfect fit, and much more comfortable. I am not sure why it is more comfortable, size or design. but I can wear it more or less 24/7, as long as I use cocoa butter several times a day. Part of the time, stack 2 of the others over it, for extra fun.
I will be up-sizing at some point.

(Posted on 5/19/16)

great feeling Review by new to it

This is my first weight. I have a small tight sack and it can be painful at times. I got the 15 X 36 and it was fine for the first 24 hrs. I had a testicle slip through at church and it eventually fell completely off. Than goodness for some really good boxer brief underwear. I kept that one and got a 15 X 32. By the way, one size difference is a big difference. This one feels great and I have had no other problems. I even double stacked them for a short time after a hot bath. I have even been able to sleep with one on. What a great sensation to have a swing. I think I'm gonna have to buy a kilt so I can swing freely all day. It takes a few times putting it on to get the hang of it but it's not too bad. I have also been using Shae butter to keep my sack hydrated and haven't had any discomfort from itching at all. I am not looking to hang super low, I just want to keep a little swing and prevent balls from going up inside me from time to time. I can definitely see where you could get carried away though. Great feeling of a constant tug and it can keep me half hard most of the day. If you're thinking about it...get's better than you can imagine. This weight since I have nothing to compare it to...feels great. No problems...period. I would suggest keeping a allen wrench with you on a key ring or at least in your car. You just never know. Just know that without don't have any option but to wear it.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

pleased with the donuts Review by stretchednuts

I now have 5 of these donuts and would reccomend them to anyone as they are so comfortable and well polished

(Posted on 5/15/16)

Superior comfort and quality Review by philt-bone

These Donuts are exceptional in quality and comfort. This 20mm Donut is my second ball weight. I prefer to wear it stacked with my first one which is a 40mm but sometimes alone because I love the feel of it. With the increased height and weight of the two stacked together, my twins are well on their way to "ridin' low and proud"!! Kudos to The Chain Gang for the product and for the fast delivery!

(Posted on 5/14/16)

Worth every penny Review by John

This is my fourth chaingang weight and the second donut. Spend the little bit extra to get a donut; you won't be sorry..

(Posted on 5/11/16)

Very nice all day stretcher Review by Vxcguy

It's a very nice all day stretcher. I use and love my bullet stretchers and sometimes you just want to keep wearing them but this is a good bridge between the two. Now if they made a smaller bullet style that would be the ticket.

(Posted on 5/11/16)

Good fit, balls are starting to loosen Review by Slung

I finally got the right size...I kept an over sized ring to stack. I love the weight and the natural swing as I go about my day.

On a couple of occaisions I have had the left nut retract and force its way back out of the ring. Not sure why this is. If I get a tighter ring then purple balls are the result and no fun.

My GF likes how they feel bumping around. ;)

(Posted on 5/11/16)


This is my 3rd weight from TCG. 2 twenties and now the 60! I was stacking previously and the 60 alone is my favorite. I've had it a couple of weeks and can wear it overnight with comfort. I love walking in it with my kilt, nice and airy with plenty of room. I've been stretching for about a year and this is the best so far! Thanks TGC

(Posted on 4/26/16)

Don't waste time/money with alternatives Review by Scott

Best on the market- period.

(Posted on 4/12/16)

C*O*M*F*O*R*T Review by The Wild One

This Donut is a favorite of my wife because of the looks. It is a favorite of mine because of the comfort. It can be worn all day as long as you have purchased the correct size.

(Posted on 4/12/16)

Beautiful Review by Mariner

Spectacularly beautiful design and finish. I underestimated the internal diameter so will have to figure out the right size.

(Posted on 4/11/16)

My ball weight collection Review by chrome

This is my 5 th metal ball stretcher weight. (All of them are from, The Chain Gang) I also sometimes wear in addition 2 silicone stretchers as well. Yes the "Low Hangers" I'm working on developing (With the help of The Chain Gang's products) are coming along nicely. I've been at it over 2 years now. I wish I'd have known about ball weights when I was in my teens? I would already have those low hangers, for sure, by now.

I wear this one and 2 other's that match it, 24/7 and love them and the constant pulling sensation that they give my balls. I also have the other 2 that are heavier and are not donuts but are squared on their edges. When worn with these donuts are also quite comfortable as long as at least 2 donuts accompany them one on top and one on the bottom of the stack on my balls.

Those stacked weights swing and oscillate so nicely bouncing and gyrating off my taint, and inner thighs and are so erotic feeling worn commando style it's hard to describe the ecstatic feeling I get.

The Chain Gangs customer service and shipping policies are/were magnificent as usual. I've bought many items from them, including my collection of penis plugs & sounds and I get many hrs of enjoyment from them all. & So do my partners when ever I'm wearing them.

(Posted on 4/6/16)

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