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Donut Ball Stretcher Weight


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These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Stretcher Weights are made exclusively for comfort and is the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight. Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stack-able if you like to stack them. They are either 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a comfortable fit.
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Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

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Ball Stretcher Weights are designed for male scrotum stretching, or for temporary sensations. The weight collar is worn directly above the testicles.
With the two piece design they are easy to use because you just screw the 2 halves together.

These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Weights are made exclusively for comfort and is the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight. Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stackable if you like to stack them. They are either 20, 30, 40, or 50 mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a comfortable fit.

Made of a highly polished 316LVM Medical Grade Surgical Steel which looks really awesome.

If You Order the wrong size?

No problem, we will exchange them if they do not fit.
     Yes you can try them on, not a problem.

20 mm x 26 mm 9.2 ounces
20 mm x 28 mm 9.3 ounces
20 mm x 30 mm 9.7 ounces
20 mm x 32 mm 10.1 ounces
20 mm x 34 mm 10.9 ounces
20 mm x 36 mm 11.4 ounces
20 mm x 38 mm 12.1 ounces
20 mm x 40 mm 12.3 ounces
20 mm x 42 mm 12.5 ounces
20 mm x 44 mm 13 ounces
20 mm x 46 mm 13.2 ounces
20 mm x 48 mm 13.7 ounces
20 mm x 50 mm 14.2 ounces
 30 mm
26 mm
14.3 ounces
30 mm x 28 mm 15.0 ounces
30 mm x 30 mm 15.3 ounces
30 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 1 ounces
30 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 0.8 ounces
30 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 1.7 ounces
30 mm x 38 mm 1 pound 2.3 ounces
30 mm x 40 mm 1 pound 2.9 ounces
30 mm x 42 mm 1 pound 4.2 ounces
30 mm x 44 mm 1 pound 4.8 ounces
30 mm x 46 mm 1 pound 5.4 ounces
30 mm x 48 mm 1 pound 6.3 ounces
30 mm x 50 mm 1 pound 1.67 ounces
40 mm x 28 mm 1 pound 4.6 ounces
40 mm x 30 mm 1 pound 5.6 ounces
40 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 6.4 ounces
40 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 7.3 ounces
40 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 8.2 ounces
40 mm x 38 mm 1 pound  8.9 ounces
40 mm x 40 mm 1 pound 10.4 ounces
40 mm x 42 mm 1 pound 11.7 ounces
40 mm x 44 mm 1 pound 12.8 ounces
40 mm x 46 mm 1 pound 13.3 ounces
40 mm x 48 mm 1 pound 14.1 ounces
40 mm x 50 mm 1 pound 15.7 ounces
50 mm x 28 mm 1 pound 10.4 ounces
50 mm x 30 mm 1 pound 11.5 ounces
50 mm x 32 mm 1 pound 12.4 ounces
50 mm x 34 mm 1 pound 13.5 ounces
50 mm x 36 mm 1 pound 14.8 ounces
50 mm x 38 mm 1 pound 15.8 ounces
50 mm x 40 mm 2 pounds 1.2 ounces
50 mm x 42 mm 2 pounds 2.7 ounces
50 mm x 44 mm 2 pounds 3.3 ounces
50 mm x 46 mm 2 pounds 5 ounces
50 mm x 48 mm 2 pound 6.4 ounces
50 mm x 50 mm 2 pounds 7.7 ounces
60 mm x 28 mm 2 pound
60 mm x 30 mm 2 pound 1 ounces
60 mm x 32 mm 2 pound 3 ounces
60 mm x 34 mm 2 pound 4 ounces
60 mm x 36 mm 2 pound 6 ounces
60 mm x 38 mm 2 pounds 8 ounces
60 mm x 40 mm 2 pounds 9 ounces
60 mm x 42 mm 2 pounds 10.2 ounces
60 mm x 44 mm 2 pounds 11.5 ounces
60 mm x 46 mm 2 pounds 12.6 ounces
60 mm x 48 mm 2 pounds 14.4 ounces
60 mm x 50 mm 3 pounds


Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of some of the sizes. The charge usually ranges from $3.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Donut ball weight 30 x 34 Review by iangecko1

Just received my Ball Weight with a lesser ID. I've started wearing it and look forward to it being my 24/7 buddy and being a support for the 38mm ID weights I have bought in the past. Very promising results achieved after 2 months. The quality of the product is excellent and is very comfortable.

(Posted on 10/12/16)

Love it Review by steve

I purchased this wanting something in between the two I have already, a 10 and a 50 length. Bought a 30×38. This is the best of all three. I can wear it for days,very comfortable to wear.

(Posted on 10/11/16)

comfy work of art! Review by josephD

I ordered the 30x40 donut for my very first weight, I love it!
previously I had only used thin steel rings, I was up to about 10, and I felt the need to add some WEIGHT... this was just what the Doctor ordered.
As I type this I have added back 6 of my old rings on top of my new ChainGang weight, and you know...I think it wont be long,till I add a second weight. I am wearing it for 24 hour periods to include sleep, shower etc...the Shea butter is the ticket to keep things comfy down there.

(Posted on 10/8/16)

excellent product Review by scout

excellent quality love it

(Posted on 10/4/16)

Was great got wrong size Review by Randy g

Looking forward for the rite size!

(Posted on 10/4/16)

Excellent Review by Bare

I have several of theses and they are really the best no one out there makes anything close to this other sites sell ball weights but not this quality I wear a 60mm all day and add a 20mm at night and thereshipping sevice is the best.... and yes the ladies love the bump and bang

(Posted on 10/1/16)

good product Review by Antonio

the weight is good, it warms up fairly fast, bit difficult getting the size right and wish could get refunded for anything 'left' after getting the desired size but still a good product, shipped about a week regardless of what shipping I chose.

(Posted on 9/30/16)

Grateful for me and my ladies Review by Canballs

This weight is much better than my previous one I purchased elsewhere. Easy to put on smooth and feels great. I can finally wear this all day. It was shipped fast. Very happy with the service. The ladies really love this banging up against their little stub when we are Rockin the House.

(Posted on 9/28/16)

Five starts Review by Teddy

It's super comfortable, just the right size and weight for 24/7 daily wear. Have worn it constantly ever since I got it. And more importantly, my wife absolutely loves it!!

(Posted on 9/24/16)

Great product Review by Steven

Received it a week or so ago. I had been using a 20mm ring for a few months. It was time to up size, and the new 30mm is perfect, have been wearing it more or less 24/7. Excellent product.
I did notice I suddenly had to decide what side to dress on. It had never been an issue when wearing casual pants.. Love the feeling of the extra bulk, and tugging on the family jewels.

(Posted on 9/21/16)

Great fit and feel Review by fullswing

Very comfortable for all day wear, top notch quality, Will purchase again without any worry of purchase problems! Thank You!

(Posted on 9/19/16)

Very good quality Review by Jim

Very good metal and quality. The only improvement I would recommend is to machine the weights slightly more cone shape on the inside.

(Posted on 9/19/16)

Very Nice Review by Louis

I have quite a few of these Donut Ball Weights on hand and this 40mm x 38mm is the heaviest, (really like the way they fit.)The quality is very nice. Thanks Again Chain Gang!

(Posted on 9/17/16)

Wonderful product with potential medical application Review by Bart

I had never heard of a ball stretcher before I perused the "Adult Toy" section of the Chain Gang website. So I ordered one out of curiousity. Surprisingly difficult to accurately measure the circumference of your balls, particularly when it is not a hot day or you have just gotten out of the bath. So their exchange program is particularly useful in getting the right size. The appearance of the product is truly exceptional - a highly polished heavy chunk of stainless steel - an absolute beauty to behold. Having read some of the benefits of ball stretching - the stimulating fun and the look of lower balls - and the drawbacks - having to cut holes in your underwear, the dangers of sitting on your balls, and the requirement to permanently wear a ball stretcher after successfully stretching your balls extensively, I have decided to wear it intermittently for the fun stimulation without looking for body modification as a result. Now what suprised me as that, as I am 60, I have been feeling the need for more frequent urination. Once my bladder reached 1/2 full, I would feel a strong and unpleasant urge to pee. However, once I wore the ball stretcher for 4 days 24/7, this need seems to have gone away. Perhaps the stretching moved my bladder further from my prostate - who knows? All I know is that I received an unexpected benefit from this fun device.

(Posted on 9/17/16)

The Best! Review by Hugh

The quality of the donut weight is excellent, and shipping is always quick. This is absolutely the best product and I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 9/17/16)

RMA Review by Gunny

Returned, wrong size. However looked really nice

(Posted on 9/16/16)

40X32 Review by tennco

been stretching for about 6 months. I'm very fit, and think this has tends to control how tight your balls are. In any case, I had a difficult time with my original 20X32, and have since moved up to a 40X32 for every day use. I'm making progress, but i find, that if I am cold, the skin tends to chafe more than when the body is warm. The quality of the weight is excellent, and shipping is always quick. I hope to move up to the 50 for 7/24 by the end of the year..

(Posted on 9/14/16)

quality Review by dandy

great weight around the pkg . wear all day

(Posted on 9/10/16)

great weight Review by dandy

40 x 40 is just right

(Posted on 9/10/16)

Comfy! Review by Crypto Bear

It may take some guessing and exchanging at the beginning to find the right diameter but once you do, you're in for a treat! At first I was leery of the whole thing being held together with just one screw, but the machining is so good that a second screw would be unnecessary, and being able to locate one side with the pin is actually easier than the two-screw designs.

Now I can wear loose shorts to go shopping and people have no idea that there's over two pounds of steel swinging around.

(Posted on 9/10/16)

Amazing quality/ greatprice Review by Lance

Just an update, My 60 X 32 donut has been great and resulting in some serious increase in my hang. Please consider a 70 mm series Would buy in a minute. Thanks for everything.

(Posted on 9/10/16)

feels great Review by oldtimer

Have worn it for 36 hrs. at a time w/comfort.

(Posted on 9/6/16)

over-all Review by Antonio

The weight itself was of fairly good make, wasn't hard to get it on ONLY due to the wrong size..the heaviness of the weight was good, the feel of it was good as well, not really able to say much anything else due to wrong size.

(Posted on 9/3/16)

30 cm weight Review by Hangman

The weight is comfortable and at last I have the right size. 36 ID is right 38 too big. Wearing as I type. Nice addition to the 5 other rings I have - bringing me up to 90cm. Nice hang slowly coming on. Great service good product. Only negative the screw was hard to get in and out initially and I was worried it may be cross threaded - not a good place to be if it was stuck on! Seems ok after a little bit of wear. Of the weights I have these are far and away the most comfortable. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 8/23/16)

Donut ball weight Review by iangecko1

I ordered 2 x 20mm x 38mm ID and they have arrived within the specified times given. Great service. I've started wearing was easy ti fit and is feeling very comfortable.I can't wait til I can fit the second. Thanks again for the great service and a great product.

(Posted on 8/22/16)

Good Quality Review by Mark

Quality product. I purchased the 20mm x 32mm and 30mm x 32mm weights. Very smooth finish and comfortable fit. The Chain Gang shipped very quick with excellent communication.

(Posted on 8/14/16)

Excellent Product & Customer Service Review by

How's it hangin'?! If you love the look of these but have scoured the web looking for the BEST- only to be disappointed by mixed reviews and limited sizing elsewhere, well- you are in the right place! A pal on Spandex referred me to Chain Gang, and I couldn't be happier with my experience here. Their shipping is lightning fast, and even though I initially ordered a size 12mm too large in diameter, Chain Gangs customer reps quickly helped to get me into the right size. This is my very first ball stretcher and I ordered the 36mm X 40mm... Needless to say I am beyond satisfied! Thank you Chain Gang!

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Very comfortable Review by Hunter

Weight is very comfortable and easy to put on. The rounded edge keeps it from cutting into your skin. Will order more in larger sizes in the future. Would like to see this donut weight available with weight hooks on the side for at-home use.

(Posted on 8/7/16)

Nice Review by jussipussi

Perfect fit. Comfortable and looks great. Shipping was quickly.

(Posted on 8/7/16)

Love'm Review by R

Got 2 30mm and 1 50mm. Best quality... wear 24-7

(Posted on 8/6/16)



(Posted on 7/30/16)

High quality, unfortunitly it does not fit, too small Review by Osolucky

High quality, unfortunitly it does not fit, too small

No problem just exchange it with us.

(Posted on 7/27/16)

Very comfortable Review by Brian

I initially bought the 20 * 36 and wore it for a day or so, it was so comfortable I didn't even notice I had it on. This also told be it was not heavy enough so I returned it and purchased a 30 * 36 instead.

It is initially tricky trying to get it on and keep both halves aligned, but gets much easier with practice.

(Posted on 7/27/16)

30mm donut for comfort Review by Neil

Ordered 30mm donut specifically to sit directly above the testicles, this being by far the most comfortable of ball weight on the market.
Service was excellent and delivery was speedy.

(Posted on 7/26/16)

satisfied... Review by gen0

ordered the piece and it fit great!!! and ordering another to stack on top...

(Posted on 7/26/16)

Excellent Review by Kd

Feels great and very happy with this product!

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Great merchandise/service Review by Anthony

I've purchased three items from these guys, including one of these weights (50x34). On each occasion their products were delivered in a very timely fashion, and the quality and aesthetic has been top notch. I don't usually post reviews, as I mostly think they're a waste of time, and I like to make my own decisions, and draw my own conclusions about any enterprise-but these guys have sold me, and I wanted to give them a kudos. I'll certainly look towards them for these kinds of products in the future.

(Posted on 7/24/16)

wmc ball weight Review by Big Al

Thanks for a fabulous product,i just received a 40x40 weight and thought shit look at the size! I have been using 3 weights for a 50mm but been Winter here in Canberra Australia I'd have to take a ring off for a comfortable day at work.
Now with the new weight plus my 20x40 I have been wearing 60mm 24/7 for the last week with no problem with the cold I'm just loving this as its 1.1 kg tugging on my balls I'm in heaven.
Thanks for the awesome hang I'm getting
Cheers Al

(Posted on 7/22/16)

AWSOME FEEL Review by Henry

Ordered the 20 mm to stack with my 30 mm and feels great! Since summer has hit here my stretch is really moving along. Going to hold off until I can get the 60mm on. Was using the round 2 piece and was very bulky. Customer service is great here with Chain Gang, and great products.

(Posted on 7/19/16)

Unhappy with Service Review by DJ

I ordered the 30x40mm Donut Ball Stretcher Weight. Delivery was quick and the quality of the product is great but as with many others I found it was too large. Web site clearly states you can exchange for the correct size.
" If You Order the wrong size? No problem, we will exchange them if they do not fit."
When I got a RMA, it stated it was for store credit, that they DO NOT do exchanges.
I had gotten a first time order discount which now does not apply to my reorder so the replacement will cost me addition money. SOME EXCHANGE POLICY.
I will pay the extra and be done with The Chain Gang and their misleading statements.

Sorry that you feel that way but all that you had to do was tell us and we would have exchanged it for you. We are not trying to take away anyone's discount.

(Posted on 7/19/16)

fantastic one Review by M

This Ball Stretcher is very ... so very fantastic!
I'm Japanese male.
Swelling of my scrotum, 30X34mm Donut Ball Stretcher Weight is fit one perfectly!
feel smooth.

(Posted on 7/18/16)

Very happy with product. . Review by Rick

Quite pleased with the donut ring.wearing right this moment.have 3 different rings now only can wear 2 at time. Looking for a cock ring next

(Posted on 7/17/16)

Love the feel Quick shipping Review by Steve

Well this is my first Ball Stretcher and love the feel of it between my legs as I walk. Im still not sure I got the correct size its a 20x30 as its very tough to get on without pinching myself. Still debating on sending in back for a few more mm in diameter. I have very tight balls and the wife likes the feeling of them slapping against her so I said what the heck lets stretch them out. Hoping for good results in the next few months...

(Posted on 7/14/16)

Donut ball stretcher is great Review by indydick

I stepped up in weight again and this feels great. Thanks Chain Gang for another quality product.

(Posted on 7/13/16)

Very satisfied customer Review by Petru

Fast service. Great products .

(Posted on 7/6/16)

Best product on the market Review by Billy

Supremely comfortable. Moved up to 30mm from 20 and find it even more comfortable. Can still stack em for satisfying temporary tug.

(Posted on 7/6/16)


This the most comfortable weight I just got to know. I was using the round 2 piece 20 X 42 stacked up sometimes. Very hard to move and bulky. This Donut Ball Weight gives me movement were I can feel my balls hit my leg and tug is GREAT! Major game change for me. Chain Gang is GREAT!!!

(Posted on 7/4/16)

Impressive from the start Review by Heft

This stretcher was impressive from the moment it came out of the box. It has a nice heft to it, and really feels comfortable to wear long term. It also really looks fantastic. It's nice as a piece of jewelry. The Chain Gang was great about changing out the size when the first one wasn't quite right.

(Posted on 7/4/16)

Takes the edge off Review by CopeSSkin

The donut shape is prefect for wearing directly above the balls, if you're stacking weights. As so many have said; read how to order the proper size. You don't want blood circulation cut off, nor do you want a ball slipping through. Don't go weight crazy. There's lots of sensitive, tender parts that suffer real injury if ya go too heavy too quickly. We're all big boys, do your homework. I ain't here to lecture you. But if this is a scene you're into, for long term comfort, the donut shape is simply THE way to go. It evens out the pressure that square edged weights place on your anatomy making wearing the weight the pleasure it should be.

(Posted on 6/30/16)

I love the feel of the smooth, comfortable weight tugging on my package! Review by David

I just received my 2nd ball stretcher at 40 X 32 and the extra weight feels just wonderful once I'm all snugged in and I feel the weight swinging on top of my balls and tugging them downwards. It's like a hand firmly gripping me and gently pulling me while I get the most incredible hard-on Add a nice weighty PA to it in your glans, and you have a masturbation machine that will give you the rush of your life over and over again. Yea!

(Posted on 6/19/16)

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