Ball Flask Stretcher

Here's your favorite new Ball Stretcher, the Ball Flask Stretcher with it's unlimited options and potential it will surpass your expectations and leave you in awe of what it is capable of!
Take ball stretching to the next level with the Ball Flask Stretcher and explore the multitude of options this baby provides you with! The entirety of the piece is constructed from 316L Surgical Steel and is actually 3 separate pieces that can be used in multiple ways. First you have the actual Ball Weight that is 15mms in Height by 35mms Inside Diameter weighing 12.4 ounces. Second you have the Ball Flask that is 2 1/2 inches in Height by 55mms Inside Diameter weighing 2 pounds 4.4 ounces. Third you have the Solid Flat Disc Top with U Bar that is 9mms in Height by 3 inches Outside Diameter weighing 10.4 ounces. The Ball Stretcher screws into the Ball Flask which then screws into the Disc Top weighing a total of 3 pounds 11.2 ounce once assembled. You can wear the complete piece and even add weight to it by attaching additional weights using the U Bar, or even add additional items into the Flask along with your balls ( such as water, ball bearings, ect.... just to name a few ). You can also wear just the Ball Weight and Flask to maintain access to your jewels. It also comes with an Allen Wrench that fits all the pieces. Or you can always start with just the Ball Weight and work your way up to the rest later. I'm sure you will love this piece and be able to use your imagination to expand your options with it!
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