Ball Flask Crusher

How much pain can you handle? The Ball Flask Crusher will push your limits and then some with Cock and Ball Torture that will leave you gasping for breathe in pain or pleasure or both, you decide!
Inflict pain on your subject or yourself as desired with the Ball Flask Crusher providing all the painful pleasure that CBT ( Cock & Ball Torture ) has to offer! This Precision made piece is comprised of three key parts all made from 316L Surgical Steel, the Ball Weight which is 15mms-Tall by 35mms-Inside Diameter, the Ball Flask which is 2 1/2 inches-Tall by 58mms-Inside Diameter, and the Turn Screw which can push the Surgical Steel plate flat against the weight. First unscrew the Ball Weight from the Ball Flask and secure Ball Weight to base of ball sac above the balls themselves. Once Ball Weight is in place slide balls into Ball Flask and attach the Ball Weight to the Ball Flask. Finally using the Turn Screw to adjust the Surgical Steel plate to desired height inflicting as much pain as you want. This baby will take you to new extremes in your CBT experiences!
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