14K Gold - Bezel Set Ring

14k Gold – Bezel Set Ring is a beautiful pierce ideal for many different piercing types. This gorgeous ring has an elegant bezel setting and a sparkly gem that will sure attract a lot of attention to your piercing.
As low as $68.99

14k Gold – Bezel Set Ring is a classy jewelry piece suitable for many different piercing types. This is a great ring to adorn your nipple or navel piercing, but it works just as well as ear, eyebrow or genital jewelry.

The ring is available in both vertical and horizontal styles, so you can truly use it for almost any piercing.

This ring is available in either solid 14k Yellow or solid 14k White gold. All of our gold jewelry is completely nickel-free so it won’t endanger your health.

The gems we use for our gold jewelry are genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons so you know they will keep their sparkle for a long time. In case you wish a different type of gem, we also offer many different Genuine Gems to choose from!

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