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Why Use Sex Toys?

There are many reasons to use sex toys. These toys are fun and very arousing. You can use them alone or with a partner. Many women discover their most sensitive erogenous zones through the use of adult toys. These toys allow you to discover hidden passions and even make sex more exciting with your partner.

Common Types of Female Sex Toys

There are many popular types of sex toys for women. The most famous are dildos and vibrators, but that’s not all. Other popular choices include various anal toys (such as butt plugs and anal beads), Ben Wa Balls and Kegel exercisers.

Niche Sex Toys for Women

In addition to common sex toys for women, there are also some niche ones. These toys appeal to special interests. These toys include urethral toys, E-Stim (Electro Stimulation) toys, Retractors and Speculums, Bondage Toys, Shower Enemas, and more.

What Are Kegel Exercisers?

Kegel exercisers, also known as Kegel barbells, are special types of female sex toys. Their purpose is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which leads to more pleasure for both the user and her partners. These toys are also fun and arousing to use so performing Kegel exercisers can be more exciting than ever.