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Female Body Jewelry

Female Body Jewelry

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What is the Difference between Vertical and Horizontal Jewelry?

Vertical body jewelry is made for female genital piercings that are positioned vertically. Horizontal body jewelry, on the other hand, is made for female genital piercings that are positioned horizontally. Keep in mind that some jewelry pieces can be used for both types of piercings while some are specific to certain orientation.

How to Choose Sex Toys for Women?

Sex toys for women include many different types of adult toys. From the popular dildos and vibrators to Ben Wa balls, female sex toys will touch all the sensitive spots. Adult toys for women range from those made for beginners to the more extreme and intense models. The best way to choose a sex toy for yourself or your partner is to start with a precise erogenous zone you wish to stimulate. For example, anal toys are made for anal stimulation while clitoral toys are made for clitoral stimulation. Keep in mind that there are many female sex toys ideal for stimulating more sensitive zones.