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  1. Cylinder Weight

    Cylinder Weight


    Cylinder Weights are specially designed to enhance your experience. You can hang them from your sex toys and body jewelry to give them more weight. This is a great way to improve sensations make your adult play time more intense. Learn More
  2. E-Stim Conductive Electrogel / lube

    E-Stim Conductive Electrogel / lube


    Need lube? Get the E-Stim Conductive Electrogel and enhance your sexual play today! With this lube you'll be ready for any and all electrifying sexual situations! Learn More
  3. Gauge Wheel for Measuring

    Gauge Wheel for Measuring


    The Gauge Wheel for measuring is a great tool that will help you gauge all of your current jewelry. It will tell you the exact gauge of any jewelry you are interest in. This is a must-have tool for all body jewelry enthusiasts! Learn More
  4. Round Slave Collar

    Round Slave Collar


    Round Slave Collar is a must-have for all bondage enthusiasts. This is an elegant toy specially made to be both sturdy and comfortable. It is a great collar that will provide hours of kinky fun. Bonus: you may even wear it as jewelry! Learn More
  5. Flat Slave Collar with Pin Locking

    Flat Slave Collar with Pin Locking


    With the Flat Collar with Pin Locking you'll love the beautiful mirror finish it provides as well as the security of the piece! The cool metal pressed against your skin will send Ecstasy through both slave and master! Learn More
  6. Darby Style Handcuffs

    Darby Style Handcuffs


    Darby Style Handcuffs are strong, antique-looking handcuffs made for bondage games. These handcuffs are made in a retro style and feature a chain between the cuffs to allow some hand movement. Learn More
  7. Jeweled Round Slave Collar With O Ring Locking

    Jeweled Round Slave Collar With O Ring Locking


    The Jeweled Round Collar With O Ring Locking, will lock you up tight with a beautiful twist! Lead your slave around in a collar you'll both love for it's functionality and beauty! Learn More
  8. Numeric Slave Collar

    Numeric Slave Collar


    With the Numeric Collar you can secure your prey and keep them at your beckon call until you desire to free them, since only you know the code to unlock it! The 4 digit numeric locking system is worry free no key to keep up with just a number! Learn More
  9. Clearance Wet Light Liquid Lubricant

    Clearance Wet Light Liquid Lubricant


    Wet Light Liquid Lubricant is a great lube specially formulated to mimic your body’s own natural lubrication. As such, it feels really natural and enjoyable. Ideal for all types of sexual activities, including masturbation and use of sex toys. Learn More

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What are Piercing Accessories?

Piercing accessories include many different items. The most popular ones are individual weights, various lubricants, bondage collars, gauge wheel tools, handcuffs and O-rings. If you are interested in piercing tools such as tapers, look them under tools.

How to Use Weights?

You may order individual weights to enhance your piercing jewelry or sex toys. These weights can be easily attached to your jewelry pieces or adult toys to make them heavier. This adds to the experience and makes the piece more intense. It can improve the aesthetics but even more, these weights add functionality to your piercing or sex toys. The weights are ideal for those who like intensity and want their jewelry pieces or adult toys to be extra heavy. They are also great for those who are into BDSM and painful pleasures.

How to Use O-rings?

O-rings are handy items you can use for large gauge jewelry pieces such as ear plugs. The rings are made of soft, flexible material. You can place them easily over your jewelry piece. The main purpose of O-rings is to prevent a smooth jewelry piece to slip out of the piercing hole. They are mainly used for cylindrical ear plugs without flares but you may use them for many different jewelry pieces.