Exchange Form Instructions: Fill out the form while on the screen. Then Print it, & mail it in. Being typed up will speed up the return process.

Return Shipping Information

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Items that you would like in place of the Returned Items

  Product # Product Name Gauge Size Metal Main Gem Color Petal Gem Color Dangle Gem Color Top Gem Color or Ball
  • We just ask that you pay for the $6.95 shipping and handling charge for your new order. Naturally this does not apply when it is our error or a damaged item.
  • Also you may want to exchange items for ones that are more expensive, and that is no problem. You would only have to pay any price difference between the two pieces.

What credit card would you like us to charge the shipping and any difference to?

Return it a secure way. Insured Is Best. If we do not receive it, we will not replace it. Allow 3 weeks for New item(s) to be completed & shipped back to you via Priority Mail.

Return To:
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang
P.O. Box 166
Vernon, Florida 32462

All Information Must Be Filled In Otherwise The Package Will Be Returned To You To Be Completed.