14k Micro Marquise Eyebrow Curved Barbell

14k Micro Marquise Eyebrow Curved Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece made for a very classy look. It is discreet enough you can wear it in any situation yet very attractive to truly accentuate your eyebrow piercing.
As low as $123.99

14k Micro Marquise Eyebrow Curved Barbell is a special jewelry piece made for eyebrow piercings. It includes a sparkly gem that will sure attract a lot of attention. The gem is 4x2mm in size.

All of our 14k gold pieces are internally threaded for your comfort and safety.

The gold we used for this piece is completely nickel-free so your jewelry is safe, body-friendly and very comfortable to wear. We use palladium instead of nickel to ensure that your body jewelry is safe and body-friendly.

This jewelry piece is available in either solid 14k Yellow gold or solid 14K White gold. No need to worry about hollow balls that easily crush with us!

The gems used are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons so they will keep their shine for a long time. The gems are all hand set and not machine set or simply glued the way many companies do. This way, you know you will never lose your gem again!

We also offer numerous Genuine Precious Stones, so you can have them in your jewelry instead of Cubic Zircons. Simply email us and we will give you a price quote.

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