14k Gold Solid Gold Gauge Plug

14k Gold Solid Gold Gauge Plugs are stylish jewelry pieces specially designed for stretched earlobes. Ideal for those special occasions and whenever you want to improve your style. Hey are very practical yet incredibly classy, so they will sure attract a lot of attention to your lobes.

14k Gold Solid Gold Gauge Plugs are elegant jewelry pieces ideal for stretched earlobes, though you may wear them in other types of stretched piercings.

All of the gold pieces we offer are made of 14k nickel-free gold for your comfort and safety. We use palladium instead of nickel in all of our gold pieces. It means our gold jewelry is body-friendly and safe to wear.

The gold is available in either 14k Yellow gold or 14k White gold. All of our gold pieces are 100% solid.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair, order two.

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