14K Gold - Seamless Ring

14K Gold - Seamless Rings are elegant jewelry pieces specially designed to be practical and easy to use. These classy rings are made of high-quality gold and designed with only one break in the ring. They give you the same look as the Segment Rings, but are also available in the smaller gauges.
As low as $29.99
14K Gold - Seamless Rings are made of solid, nickel-free gold so they are completely body safe. All rings are available in either solid 14k Yellow or 14k White gold. The rings are specially designed to be elegant and easy to use, with only one break in the ring. They are available in many different gauges to accommodate different user requirements. These Seamless rings are very easy to open. Simply twist your ring like a spiral to open it or close it. This is particularly useful for smaller gauges. For larger gauges, you may use the Ring Opening and Ring Closing Pliers.
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