14K Gold - Screwball Ring

14K Gold - Screwball Rings are elegant rings suitable for almost any piercing. These rings provide great functionality and have beads that can be attached to the ring. This improves security of the ring and makes it less likely to lose the bead.
As low as $63.99

14K Gold - Screwball Rings offer more security than standard Captive Bead Rings because the ball is screwed into the ring and kept in place. This way, it's less likely to lose the bead.

The standard sizes of Screwball Rings are 12, 14, 16 and 18 gauge. Many other gauges and sizes are available on request. Simply use the contact form to order rings in a different gauge.

The 12 and 14 gauge rings are Internally Threaded while the 16 and 18 gauge are externally threaded.

The rings are made of solid, nickel-free gold so they are body safe and durable. You may choose between 14k solid Yellow and 14k solid White gold.

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