14k Gold - Glans Ring

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14k Gold - Glans Ring

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14k Gold - Glans Rings are elegant jewelry pieces made for pleasure! These glans rings are very effective sex toys that will make your sex life more intense and fulfilling. They are also great for improving your performance and satisfying your partner to the fullest.

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14k Gold - Glans Rings are beautiful rings you can wear both as a jewelry and a sex toy. They are made to satisfy both you and your partners so you can use them to enhance sexual pleasure to the fullest.

No Piercing Necessary!
You don’t have to be pierced to wear these rings.

Never seen before: a solid 14k Gold Gland Ring made for pleasure. There are many reasons to get one of these for yourself or for that special man in your life. While they are made for men to wear, they can be very pleasing for both partners.

The glans rings are designed to be worn behind the penis head. When you are erect, the ring will provide a snug fit, which will hold the blood in the head. It means more heightened pleasure and long lasting ability! Also, the ring itself will rub nicely against your partner’s most sensitive spots, thus enhancing pleasure even further.

These glans rings are made of 14k solid gold and they are completely nickel-free for your pleasure and comfort. They are available in Yellow gold, White gold and Rose gold.

Please note: The rings are made of 10 gauge thick gold but can be made in any gauge thickness you require.

These rings will enhance your pleasure to the fullest and make the experience more intense for you and your partner!

How to Measure for a Glans Ring

To obtain a correct measure, wrap a piece of string around your erect penis right behind the head. This is where the ring will sit. Use a pen to mark the spot on the string where it meets the end. After this, measure the string between the end and the mark you made. Take this measurement, covert it to a decimal and divide that number by 3.14. This is your inner diameter measurement. You should order a glans ring with this inner diameter.

For example:

Your string measurement is 4 3/4”.
Converted to decimal, it’s: 4.75.
Divide this number by 3.14 and you’ll get 1.51”.
1.51” is approximately 1 ½”.
You should order a glans ring with inner diameter of 1 ½”.

In case you need any help with the conversions, just email us and we’ll be glad to help.

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