14K Gold - Captive Bead Ring

14k Gold Captive Bead Rings are elegant piercing rings made for almost any piercing type. Nothing speaks luxury, class and glamor better than solid gold jewelry. These Captive Bead Rings are a great way to add some elegance and style to your piercing.
As low as $48.99

14k Gold Captive Bead Rings are high-quality piercing rings made for people who appreciate elegance. They are solid, polished and made with the highest quality gold available. They are very versatile so you can use them with almost any piercing type.

All of our gold pieces are made of 100% nickel-free gold. The gold we use is solid, even the balls. We never use hollow gold beads or balls. Beads on our Captive Bead Rings will not easily crush.

Typical bead sizes used for our pieces are:

  • 20-gauge use 1/8" Bead
  • 18-gauge use 1/8" Bead
  • 16-gauge use 5/32" Bead
  • 14-gauge use 3/16" Bead
  • 12-gauge use 3/16" Bead
  • 10-gauge use 1/4" Bead
  • 8-gauge use 1/4" Bead

Please note: Other Gauges and Bead Sizes Available by Request. You can customize your bead size to match your preference.

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