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Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

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The Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug is naturally made out of 316LVM Surgical Grade Steel, and is about 2 inches long. The steel penis plug is non piercing jewelry that provides the same look as a pierced penis. The design of this penis wand allows for gradual insertion which you will love. The length is 47mm and the diameter at the largest point is your choice between 7 and 10 mm's, and naturally there is no piercing needed for this little treasure (read non piercing penis jewelry). This piece was previously only available in 10mm however we have added the other sizes because of your requests for them.

With the Sleek & Hollow steel penis plug, you won't feel bad at not having a Prince Albert Piercing or Jewelry. Non piercing penis jewelry is a great option if body piercing is out of the question. Adding some shine to yourself without the pain is possible with penis plugs.

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Customer Reviews

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A very good product Review by Mike

I am an amateur to the use of penis plugs. I ordered the 7mm which was to small it would not stay in while urinating or walking around with it in. Cumming through it, the hole was so small that it just oozed out. I ordered the 8mm and the 9mm because I did not know what size I needed. The 8mm was perfect fit. The only problem was the length of the neck with the ring was to long. It did not give the appearance of having a piercing. I took and trimmed the neck and add ring that I had from a 10mm plug that makes the plug look as though I am pierced. I can pee through it with no problem and cum through it with great squirting distance. My girlfriend really loves the plug and playing with it with her mouth and tongue. Putting the plug in was not very hard to get in with some silicon lube and a little pressure. It is however a little harder to get out and usually requires a few drinks to get it out. I have worn it for 24 hrs several times. I am now enjoying my plug for the first time longer than 24 hrs and plan on keeping it in for the rest of this week.
With much enjoyment,

(Posted on 2/3/14)

Great product Review by Jeff

After a couple tries with different sizes I finally have one that fits for the most part. Ended up with an 8mm and the largest part fits perfect it's the smaller end towards the ring that tends to want to slide out about 1/4". A little uncomfortable at first insertion but that went away after a few hours. Can't wait to piss and cum through this. Hoping that after a while I will be able to upgrade to the 9mm plug that I ordered first but is really tight.

(Posted on 2/1/14)

Great quality, but much too small Review by bling

Your measurements are in European comparisons. You need to add the same sizes in 1/16 inches so the customer can make valid comparisons in length, diameter and/or circumference. As it is now, we have to keep trying until we get the right size or try another product.

Glad that you were pleased with it otherwise.
There is a conversion chart on our size and gauge page but we are always happy to help you just ask. If you are the type that does not want to ask, just use a ruler, it has both mms and inches, you can draw a line on a piece of paper in mms and then measure it in inches.

(Posted on 10/22/13)

My first order. Review by Noel

First time using a plug. Went in with no probelm. Thanks for the quick delivery.

(Posted on 7/24/13)

Excelent plug!! Review by shane

I bought this plug maybe 3 years ago, never have I been able to get it in my dick. I thought it was too wide, I've bought several plugs since in a 5/16 size, they go in no problem. While I was playing tonight I got out this plug and omygosh!!! I witnested the POP that I've have been reading about. It's in finialy in, and I love it! I'm sucking down lots of beer so I can piss thru it, then I'll cum thru it. Is there a link to send pics wearing your jewelry?

(Posted on 7/2/13)


First time user,glad I did. A little lube and in it went no problem felt great. What a feeling when you come for the first time a long stream of juice any woman would love. No discomfort wearing it in but does tend to come out a little, so the next step is a 10mm beaded plug. As they say size is the secret so try something in your dick before ordering to get the correct size for you. Had mine in all morning no problem at all but will take it out for cleaning. Thanks chain gang for your help and a top product.

(Posted on 6/5/13)

Interesting Review by Dan

New to this. First time I had something up my urethra, except for the one time when I was catheterized. Thought I would give it a try. Ordered the 8mm plug and it seems to fit without popping out. About a quarter of an inch does pop out, but that’s all. A little uncomfortable for now on first wearing, but I hope that will decrease as I get accustomed to it. Would have been nice if the ring on the end was about 6 gauge. In all, a nice piece of penis jewelry. Doubt if I’ll wear it 24/7 – yet.
A caveat – before you try to pee through the plug, be sure that the tube is clear. Mine came with some crud in it.

(Posted on 4/15/13)

An interesting piece of penis jewelry Review by Dan

This is my first time with inserting something up the urethra - outside of being catheterized once. First of all, I got the 8mm, and it seems to fit fine. Didn't pop out, although it seems to come out about a quarter of a inch after wearing. Was a little painful on insertion and some discomfort on wearing. Have worn it about half and hour on the first try. I hope the discomfort will subside on subsequent wearing. I like the idea, and would have like the ring on the end to be of larger gauge.

(Posted on 4/15/13)

Quality Product Review by Zee33

Size does matter when purchasing this . As I am an amateur in this new exploration , I decided to start small with this plug and work my way up to larger sizes . Unfortunately I started too small . The 7mm fell right out as soon as I put it in . So I thought maybe I used too much lube . Not the case . It's just too small . I will be jumping up to a 9-10 mm size on the next purchase and hope not to work down instead . As far as Quality ? It's top notch and shipping was very fast . Thank You Chain Gang .

I cant blame Chain Gang for my experience with this product . Fantastic quality again .

But Please note future purchasers : Do attempt to see what size urethra you have in order to purchase the correct size to ensure the best experience at the least amount of expense .

(Posted on 3/22/13)

Great quality product Review by Booman

I found this to be an excellent piece and the stainless steel gives it good heft. Quality construction, well worth the price.

(Posted on 3/15/13)

7mm was this right size for me Review by foboz

After trying a 6mm of a different style (too small) and coming to the conclusion that the 8mm was too big, I anted-up one more time for the 7mm. Getting it in the first time was very uncomfortable - even slightly painful. I thought I was in for trouble as the plug was even more difficult to get out. After a few deep breaths and a little wincing I did manage to get it out; surprisingly there was very little irritation and what there was passed within the hour. The second time around there was a little resistance, a very slight discomfort and then it just "popped" in. I've had it in for a couple of hours now; hopefully getting it out will be a bit easier this time too.

I feel that the "shoulder" length is too long as I find I need to push it back in all the time. Urinating was OK - just expect some "leakage" around the plug; haven't tried cumming with it in yet.

(Posted on 12/21/12)

Good Product Review by TheNazz59

This is a very stimulaiting product, I love the feel of it in my cock, once you get past the little bit of the uncomfortable feeling its fine. Inserting it is fine and again stimulating, the cum through is also good. The only problem when I have tried to wear this for longer lengths of time and it usualy slips out when you are flacid. The feeling of the ring at the end is also very stimulating, feels very sexy. My lady loves to suck my cock with it in me and tongue the ring at the end, the end results are great!!!

(Posted on 12/9/12)

First Class Product Review by Robert

Very solid construction. Even the ring is solid. You cannot see where it is joined together to form a ring. I order the 7 mm. size. My wife slid it into my penis easily with the help of the surgical lubricant. However, my penis started pulsating and it started to slide out. She kept having to gently tap it back in. No problem. Perhaps if the plug were an inch longer.

(Posted on 9/2/12)

Great Product Review by Woofy

First ordered a 9 mm but it was too small and would slide out on its own. Just received the 10 mm and it is just perfect. It takes soem effort to get it in but will stay all day and night if you want...Love wearing it at work, reminds me how sexual I am...Great product...

(Posted on 8/17/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

This item is high quality and arrived in a timely manner. It would be better for me if the area that widens was closer to the ring end. maybe a 1/4 to 3/8 inch closer to the ring end. That change would help the piece stay in place better.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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