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Circle Ring (s)

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These are based on the same idea as the Segment Rings, However they are in much larger gauges, and also have been further improved upon. The Circle Rings will come apart in 2 halves so it is incredibly easy to insert into your piercing. No need to worry if it will fit with the small opening of some Segment Rings.

Also each ring is precision drilled so that a tiny side fitting set screw securely locks the two halves together. The screw is set deep into the ring, and with the secure fit, there is no pinching, scratching, or binding, and the screw is not even seen at all. Also this prevents another hassle of losing a ball or a segment at the worst time. There is no exotic tools needed for the piece, just a regular allen wrench which we include 2 of for you.

They are also made from the same high quality 316LVM Surgical Steel as all of our Steel pieces. These rings are even patented and are protected under patent law, because they are so custom. They are actually cut out of a single block of Surgical Steel, not bent wire.

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Over OK - But needs better edges Review by Jackcmh9

Was very excited to get this ring for Christmas this year since my hole is large enough to allow most beads to slip in and be irritating. However the edges are not smooth enough and can be felt every time it spins past one inside you. These should be ground smoother or have something done to them to keep this from happening.

Would order more and tell my friends about this if this issue is fixed.

nice quality material - poor execution of design.

(Posted on 1/23/15)

Fantastic quality Review by Scorpio

Despite me being in South Africa and having to find a way to get them here I purchased these items with great anticipation. They did not disappoint and the quality and finish is just fantastic. I have a scrotal split so use a 1/2 x 7/8 around each nut sac. Fantastic, no edges that irritate and i love the weight. Bigger gauge on order now to add to the weight.

(Posted on 1/22/15)

Super great Review by DENNIS

What a wonderful piece of art. Look so great on my cock head

(Posted on 1/20/15)

quality is superior Review by suckafree

I love that the delivery for this product was extremely fast.

(Posted on 1/14/15)

OO guage PA Review by on the beach

A bit big for my partners mouth, but makes a nice glans ring. Might order an O guage instead.

(Posted on 1/2/15)

Happy with my purchase Review by bj

Very happy with this product. It is exactly what I wanted.

(Posted on 1/1/15)

Beautiful Piece of Jewerly Review by YinYang

Love these rings. I bought a pair of 1/2" gauge 1: diameter for my nipples. Easy to insert and comfortable. Love the feel of the weight although my nipples aren't quite used to it yet. Ordered a second set at 5/8" diameter that I hope I'll be able to wear more often (ie, for sleeping).

Only drawback is the lightest part of the ring, where the screw is, tends to migrate to the top and into my piecing. Fortunately they did a good job of finishing this area although it still gets uncomfortable. Using o-rings to keep them in place.

(Posted on 12/25/14)

Circle Ring Review by pierced one

Just received my (2) 00 gauge 5/8" circle rings. Gorgeous product. Love the weight and quality of the rings. I have one for my PA and one for a scrotal piercing. However wish you offered a 000 gauge. Love the feeling of the ring dangling from my penis and ball sack. I don't have to play with the CBR anymore when it turns into my urethra. Thinking of getting a third one for another scrotal piercing that I have. Thank you.

(Posted on 12/25/14)

Perfect piece ! Review by Sea Woof

Perfect piece and appreciate the extra screw just in case !

(Posted on 12/24/14)

excellent quality but design flaw Review by JasonK8

I bought this ring to be the answer to my screwball ring problem: the gap between the ball likes to rest inside my urethra. No biggie but sometimes annoying. I decided not to keep the circle ring because of the large cutout for the screw. I thought it would be just a hole for the screw but my ring, 0 ga 5/8 diameter has a large area where the screw and metal edges are exposed. The edges don't appear sharp but I'm not going to risk it. I will wait and try another ring and hope for the smaller screw hole, which should be rounded anyway, no sharp edges. I want to wear this in my pa, I can't have any risk of it scratching me or my partner. It's very tempting though to try it but I'm sending mine back. But I do love shopping here at The Chain Gang.

(Posted on 12/18/14)

Excellent fit and finish. Excellent quality ring. Quick time from purchase to arrival. Review by Ben

My summary says it all. The weight is just perfect for My PA and the 1/2" x 3/8" fits just right. Perfect piece of jewelry.

(Posted on 12/17/14)

Excellent quality Review by Max

Purchased three 00 gauge circle rings with 1" internal diameter two for scrotum piercing third for PA. Very well made and fit perfectly. Quick international delivery. Thanks again.

(Posted on 12/17/14)

Premium product from start to finish, pun intended. :) Review by WyGuy

Very nice product, exceptional quality, have purchased jewelry for years and this is top of the line product. Reminds me of the quality of what most consider to be the mother of the piercing movement, now closed. Gauntlet Products.

Fit and finish of pieces is beyond excellent craftsmanship. Obviously a company who uses their own products. This higher level of care comes from using as well as selling. The expertise is beyond match.

Including extra Allen wrench and extra closure screw shows the caliber of the seller. Why go elsewhere?? Really??

(Posted on 12/17/14)

Large Guage ring Review by ctnolter

There are more positive aspects for this ring than negative, Overall good ring purchase.

I was always told you should always use titanium, but is very hard to find this gauge in anything but surgical steel. Not a knock on the ring quality. So weight is going to be much more heavy from my existing OOO guage titanium ring. I would expect that to be enjoyable to some people.

I have had my PA for 20 some years. I understand that among other things sleeping on it wrong and using wrong soap can irritate it. The joints and recessed edge of the tap screw are currently irritating my uretha. I have had the ring for now about 2 weeks and beleive this may be temporary as it is starting to receed and not be as sensitive.

I wish the hole going into the tap screw was little more flared and polished smooth. Please understand there is not a sharp corner but not flared enough in my opinion. This would ease the irritation of my uretha because the ring does spin during wear, so I can feel that spot sometimes and might have to adjust.

I'm surprised how tight one screw can get the 2 halves to stick together with no movement.

Overall, I would reccomend this ring for people looking to go bigger in guage.


(Posted on 12/11/14)

Great Selection Review by Ernest

Bought my roommate's 1" 0g PA and was just too much for my average stature. Found this site and ordered my 2g 3/4" and it rocks, love the smaller diameter choices, will be ordering a 0g 5/8" soon. Good delivery times as well. Looking forward to this year's camping at the "clothing optional" campgrounds and show the jewelry off.

(Posted on 12/8/14)

Very nice Review by Haywire

These are just the ticket for small large gauge rings. I got a 3/8" 1ga. No way you find that in a normal CBR.

(Posted on 12/6/14)


Just what I wanted. I love shopping at CHAIN GANG. Looks realy good on me!
I enjoy wearing them.
Very hot and sexy!
Deliverd very fast.

I actually bought the segment ring in 3 different sizes.

(Posted on 11/29/14)

great but ? Review by joepro15

I loved it but wish I came in a 8ga or at least a 6ga. the smallest they made is 2ga. and I were it on my foreskin its sort of heavy for there but my gal likes it for sex knowing it won't come off & very her clock..

(Posted on 11/29/14)

Awesome Review by rbus3350

Aside from thinking that 2 screws came with this item, it is as I said AWESOME.
I am 64 and it fits my PA great. Thanks folks.

(Posted on 11/27/14)

Great ring Review by T-cat

I have both 0 and 00 gauge rings in 1 inch diameter. I will be ordering smaller diameters. 1 inch can be uncomfortable when being active. Looks and feels great!

(Posted on 11/21/14)

Great Review by ProJoe

I bought the 2GA. its was for my pierced foreskin which I where captive type rings for added sexual pleasure for my girl friend its great like the screw in install makes it simple to put on, only wish they made one in well say 6 or 8 Ga. I would get another ..thanks for the great products .......Joe

(Posted on 11/20/14)

Great Product with Allen wrench Review by HotBudJD

I originally bought this product for a PA when it was at 1 ga in order to begin the stretching process to 0 ga. The piece was well made and I generally liked it, but the stainless screw was too soft and it was hard to find a screw driver small enough to use in the recess. I managed to strip a couple of screws and even bought replacement screws and the same thing happened, so it sat in my drawer for fear that I would get it on and not be able to get it off.

Today I have a 00 ga piercing and happened to look back at this product and noticed that it now comes with an allen wrench type of screw and that the include an allen wrench (my package had two allen wrenches) Because it's a great price for the quality, I ordered it again at 00 ga and was very pleased with the quality and the ease of putting in and getting out the little screws that holds it together. This is a great improvement! I've read a few reviews that say that the pieces don't fit well together. That's not my experience at all - both pieces I purchased fit perfectly and the recess is smooth on all sides so that my PA piercing is not irritated by it. I love it and am happy that I took a chance on buying again. It measures up with the quality and originality I got with the monster screwball, which I also love wearing. Kudos!

(Posted on 11/18/14)

circle ring Review by PEIRECED GUY


(Posted on 11/14/14)

Fantastic, love them Review by T-cat

I have 0 gauge, 1 inch dia. and 00 gauge, 1 inch dia. Best rings i have ever had, the weight is great, love it swinging in my PA. Hope to size up soon.

(Posted on 11/14/14)

excellent Review by rocky

i got one of my nuts twisted in one of two hernia operations. It would not descend after the op. just putting the weights on feels like im almost back to normal. thx chain g!

(Posted on 11/13/14)

"ONE of the BEST" Review by pmfraz

I have made several jewelry purchases over the years from The Chaingang Body Jewelry as I gaged up with my PA. This by far is my best purchse. At 1g now on my PA it is so comfortable. I can't wait until I gage up to "0" that is where I think I will stop.

(Posted on 10/29/14)

good Review by David

I like it however for some reason it blocks the pee from coming out and is rather heavy

(Posted on 10/15/14)

0 Gauge Circle Ring Review by ChaseStorm

Extremely satisfied with my 0 gauge circle ring. It's being used as a Prince Albert and I love the weight of it. I will most surely purchase more from #thechaingang

(Posted on 10/13/14)

i like it, could be better Review by Rafa

first, they should be more honest when the specific jewelry is out of stock. The jewelry itself is solid. I am happy about its construction; it's true that the larger hole takes away from its aesthetic quality however. I'm am also concerned about the screw; I am thankful for the second one they included. I am generally satisfied.

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with us. Unfortunately sometimes we really just do not know when you order that we will run out of stock by the time we get to your order as we are filling over 500 orders per week.
Also on the construction we are actually right now implementing smaller holes on the Circle Rings, but the screws will be the same as we are totally pleased with their performance.
If I we can help further please do not hesitate to email us at any time.

(Posted on 9/30/14)

Fits like glove Review by Fuzzybehr

The ring fits and replaces my 1/2" PA and fit beautiful. Nice to have hanging when walking and in the locker room hehe

(Posted on 9/10/14)

It was not for me ! Review by Changable

This is a good piece if you don't switch your jewelry out much. To hard to remove and replace in my PA piercing !

(Posted on 9/3/14)

Great product Review by DanW

Excellent finish. Includes an extra set screw and two drivers for if/when needed. Couldn't be happier as I've wanted this size ring with no ball (Prince Albert) for a number of years. *FIVE STARS*

(Posted on 8/30/14)

So Comfortable. And Hot! Review by Drayton

This ring came with screw driver device and 2 screws... a complete package for my package! And it's so comfortable. Thinking of ordering a 2 gauge and a 0 gauge to go with the 1 gauge I purchased. Highly recommend!

(Posted on 8/21/14)

Half inch gauge circle ring for my PA, FANTASTIC! Review by Don

Just put the circle ring in last night and it is wonderful!

The quality and craftsmanship of your products is unparalleled and I will CONTINUE to purchase all of my body jewellery from this site. You guys ROCK!

(Posted on 8/14/14)

excellent Review by Shane

I ordered this for my PA. Very secure and great quality. Love it. Best ring I've ever had

(Posted on 8/2/14)

Except for the large cutout Review by Kobi

Although I'm satisfied with the quality of the circle ring, I don't care for the new larger cutout design for the screw. The older circle rings have a smaller cutout for the screw and are more aesthetically pleasing.

(Posted on 7/24/14)

great product Review by Ron

The circle ring I got from the Chain Gang is superb. The quality cant be matched. It is very comfortable and I wear it 24/7. Great job guys.

(Posted on 7/19/14)

Not that bad.. Review by Hole punch

The ring is of a high quality and happy with the service of this company... Only issue is if the allen key opening and bolt could be smaller as a large side of the ring is open to accommodate it... This could be improved considering the dimensions of it.. 0 gauge.
Appart from that i recommend this site :)

(Posted on 7/19/14)

New favorite! Review by Jerry

Really love this ring. Haven't worn anything else since it arrived. More comfortable than a CBR because no ball and it really makes a difference. The weight seems ideal. Took about 6 weeks because it was out of stock in my size. 0 gauge 3/4".

(Posted on 7/18/14)

0g Septum: Awesome, but can be a little difficult Review by Porkchop

This is awesome and is a great substitution for the ones that need pliers to open, which is damn near impossible. I put this in my septum, and I love that the diameter isn't excessively large. Came with 2 screws which thrilled me, because it's entirely too easy to lose one.

Took a while for them to ship to me, so just fyi.

Because the nature of the product is to separate into 2 halves, it can be difficult to "install" on your own. Get a friend to help, or just be patient as you drop the screw over and over again.

(Posted on 7/18/14)

"O" gauge circle ring Review by Barry

This "O" gauge circle ring replaced a "2" gauge captive bead ring. It is well made and I love the feel of it. This ring is intended for permanent daily wear until I replace it with an "OO" gauge circle ring which I will be ordering shortly. I have had my PA for 23 years and this is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn. Great service and a great product from the Chain Gang.

(Posted on 7/18/14)

5 stars Review by guest

excellent choice

(Posted on 6/21/14)

Fantastic service, great range and superb quality. Review by Brad

Very prompt service and a great range to from which to choose. I have made several purchases and recommend the Chain Gang to others.
A great oo gauge circle ring!

(Posted on 4/26/14)

circle ring is superb Review by Ron

Superb quality and appearance. Well worth the cost.

(Posted on 4/4/14)

Amazing jewelry Review by Flybyatc

Very high quality jewelry. It looks amazing and feels amazing. Have always been a fan of the circle rings. Can't wait to save up and get another one but in a bigger size

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Won't be going back to segment ring Review by mike

I've ordered segment rings in similar gauge and size (1g 3/4) and had to wait over a month! This shipped FAST and looks and works awesome! If you currently have a segment ring for your PA, do yourself a favor and try this on. You won't be sorry.

(Posted on 2/27/14)

Superb quality merchandise combined with superior customer service Review by Scott

Your segment rings are precision made, with a customer service department that is unsurpassed in every way!

(Posted on 2/17/14)

Superb quality and customer service. Makes shopping so enjoyable! Review by Scott

Beyond my segments rings being superior in quality and price, the entire staff is dedicated to true customer service . Products are exactly as advertised and being a repeat customer, I order all my body jewelry and accessories exclusively from The Chain Gang? Thanks for everything.

(Posted on 2/17/14)

The best thing I've ever done for my boy Review by Dellbert

I've been through a lot of PA rings, and this one is by far the best of the bunch. Like others have said, you barely know it's there. The ring itself is like any other heavy gauge ring, there's just no added weight from a ball. Further, because it's pretty much seamless in fit, it has the freedom to move as you move through your day with no pinching or anything similar. Secondly, because it all fits together with a single screw, there's no need to risk dismemberment when taking off or putting on as with segment rings. Lastly, the only drawback for me is I like to take mine off and on can't do that easily unless you carry a screw driver with you everywhere, but I guess one could.

You can't go wrong with this one, trust us all!

(Posted on 11/16/13)

Comfortable Ring Review by Henry

My 0 gauge circle ring is generally very comfortable, although sometimes I can feel the gap as it moves through the hole. Nice piece of jewelry and looks great!

(Posted on 10/30/13)

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