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Ribbed Urethral Sound


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Ribbed Urethral Sound is a sensual toy made for exploration. This sound has a special ribbed exterior made for additional stimulation, so you will sure love it! It is a great toy for beginners and more experienced users.

Ribbed Urethral Sound

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Ribbed Urethral Sound will make you love urethral stimulation. It can be used by both beginners and more demanding users. It is well-crafted, comfortable and very reliable, so you will love to use it over and over again.

This sound is ribbed to provide more intense stimulation. At the same time, it is polished and super-smooth, so it makes for a very comfortable experience. It doesn’t cause any irritation so it makes for a very sensual and enjoyable time. It is one of the most erotic and intense experiences for a man, so you will love to use this sound.

The sound is available in 3 different diameters. All sounds are about 9 1/2" in length (each, regardless of the diameter).

Please note: it’s important to use the sound carefully and to sterilize it before each use.

The Toys listed on our site are for use by consenting adults only as either a Novelty Items, Fashion Accessories, or Sexual Toys.
We assume no responsibility for Unsafe, 
Improper, or Illegal use of these items.
Please be Safe, Consensual, and always use Common Sense!

Ribbed Urethral Sound. Ribbed Urethral Sound will make you love urethral stimulation. It can be used by both beginners and more demanding users. It is well-crafted, comfortable and very reliable, so you will love to use it over and over again. This sound is ribbed to provide more intense stimulation. At the same time, it is polished and super-smooth, so it makes for a very comfortable experience. It doesn’t cause any irritation so it makes for a very sensual and enjoyable time. It is one of the most erotic and intense experiences for a man, so you will love to use this sound. The sound is available in 3 different diameters. All sounds are about 9 1/2" in length (each, regardless of the diameter). Please note: it’s important to use the sound carefully and to sterilize it before each use. The Toys listed on our site are for use by consenting adults only as either a Novelty Items, Fashion Accessories, or Sexual Toys.We assume no responsibility for Unsafe, Improper, or Illegal use of these items.Please be Safe, Consensual, and always use Common Sense!

Rating: 4.9/5 based on 102 review(s)
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Customer Reviews

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The Gang? Providing discreet professional service. The Sound? A genuine euphoria Review by RedZtroke27

The Ribbed Urethral Sound is a high quality sexual instrument. Much more than a toy, when prepared (sterilized in boiling water for 3 minutes) and used properly (with surgical lubricant such as Surgilube), it provides a truly fascinating and gratifying experience that you'll want to do over and over. It's an experience like no other.

(Posted on 1/17/15)

Excellent Review by Mort

My new favorite!

(Posted on 1/14/15)

Not as well made as it could have been. Review by Archie

Being the owner of six stainless steel adult toys (none of which are Sounds or Penis Plugs), from two other adult toy manufacturers that I can't name here due to The Chain Gang Review Policy, I have been able to see just how well 316 grade stainless steel can be polished. The finish on the toys from those companies is stunning, and flawless. After reading the glowing number of reviews (97 of them at the time of purchase) on this site for the Ribbed Urethral Sound, I expected the same from a company that has been making such items for so many years.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed when the Sound arrived. The Sound was placed in a zip-loc bag which was then press-sealed below the zip-loc, meaning I had to cut the bag to get the Sound out, and then discard the bag which couldn't be sealed again. Why they didn't press-seal it above the zip-loc is anyone's guess. It was shipped in a standard postal padded bag, offering it some protection but obviously not as much as a sturdy box would have.

The first thing I noticed after taking the Sound out of its packaging was a black, slightly sticky residue on the Sound. Some regular dishwashing liquid and water seemed to do the trick with that, but I have no idea as to what it was or where it came from. The second thing I noticed were what appeared to be some not-so-polished (i.e. scuffed) areas along the length of the Sound, the most noticeable one being on the side of the tip. I wondered whether it was something that was just stuck to the surface and used my fingernail to try and scratch away at the area, without any effect.

I placed the Sound into a large sized pot on the stove top, covered it with water, and set it to boil, both for the purposes of sterilisation and cleaning. After an hour of that, the Sound came out of the boiling water looking somewhat shinier, and if anything it increased the contrast between the highly polished and scuffed areas. After a suitable period of letting it cool down, I had to convince myself that either it was still OK to use even though it wasn't perfectly polished and smooth, or it wasn't. Only way I could think of doing that without endangering my urethra was to place the Sound in my mouth and see if it felt abrasive at all. There was no indication of abrasion.

I've used the Sound a handful of times since then, and I've been paying careful attention for any sign of pain or irritation that the surface might have caused. Nothing out of the 'ordinary' so far. I'm using an ample amount of lubricant, and will always have to with this Sound.

Considering that this is a Urethral Sound, which I'm sure that everyone would agree is inserted into a very sensitive area of the body, the surface really ought to be polished to a flawless state. The majority of the Sound looks to be highly polished, so it isn't like it can't be done, but it just wasn't done here, and in a few places on the Sound to boot. I don't know the reason for that, but I can't say I was very impressed. I expect it takes specialised equipment, and a buttload of technique to properly polish this kind of stainless steel, otherwise I'd try to fix it myself so I can be more at ease when using the blasted thing, rather than worrying whether it's going to tear me up on the inside.

Here's the thing. I was able to see the surface defects with my untrained eyes. That's what's so good about polished stainless steel, it is so damn easy to spot imperfections. So why wasn't it spotted at the source? The only other option I can think of is that if the Sound was polished to perfection, it was subsequently handled in such a way as to cause the surface defects, which just shouldn't have happened.

(Posted on 1/11/15)

hot for incredible orgasms Review by frank

Like to jerk off and pull it out as I am in final moments before climax. Cum is violent and out of this world

(Posted on 1/11/15)

Woof! Review by C.

I have had the 3/8" version of this toy for a few months now and enjoyed it thoroughly. Moving up that extra 1/8" to a half inch with this toy is a very pleasant change.

Since this series of sounds is all the same length ( they could be 2" longer, it wouldn't hoit! ) I was able to accept almost the entire thing right off, but the additional girth made the experience new, and quite stimulating, hence the single word summary above. When you work your way up to accepting this size, it's a good investment. You'll have it for life. Hey, it's made out of stainless steel!

The finish on the sound is, as always, very good. These are the features of the Chain Gang's merchandise line that keep me coming back, excellent workmanship and finish. I've spent a lot of money on a lot of their toys and the fit, finish and thoughtful design has always been there and is apparent to the eye as soon as you open the package. Definitely worth it. And there's larger sizes to come! All in all, a good buy.

(Posted on 12/31/14)

Wondersound Review by nipierced

This item is fabulous. It fits perfectly my urethra and because of the weight and ribbed shape it feels really good. Absolutely in love with it.

(Posted on 12/16/14)

Excellent Review by C.

Like all Chain Gang products, the finish and construction is excellent. It could be longer, like 11", but it is still a great toy. The large number of ribs per inch provide excellent sensations that increase dramatically when you're hard. Also, the sound can be used from either end, giving different sensations on penetration because of the 2" smooth end vs. the ribbed end. Recommend it highly. Clean thoroughly though, because of the rib depth. A detailed cleaning is required with this one. I have the 3/8" now and I'm moving up to the 1/2" now.

(Posted on 12/13/14)

Awesome Tool Review by Nunya

I purchased 4 different items at one time, and this ribbed sound is by far my favorite. I'm 5'9" and 160 lbs, I'm new to sounds, and the 5/16 is perfect. I love the look and feel of this tool. The ribbing is perfect - I can feel each one but none are sharp or irregular shaped so they just tickle and stimulate good sensations. I enjoy the feeling when it passes my prostate gland! I also enjoy holding my hand under my rod while the ribs glide past inside - fun!

(Posted on 9/9/14)

good price,poor packing Review by bryan

Got the 5/16 went right in,and feels great.Going to get the 3/8 next and see how it feels.

(Posted on 9/5/14)

Awesome product Review by RJ

Just received the half inch sound and while I can only manage about 4 inches of length today, I am looking forward to being able to take at least 6 inches because the feeling was fantastic as it stretched my slit and then the shaft of my cock

Great job team Chain Gang as always

(Posted on 8/26/14)

I love the stretch these ribs give to the cockhead slit Review by Dale

I've been sounding for several years, and I love the "pop" I feel as each rib stretches and "pops" into my slit.

(Posted on 8/3/14)

Perfect! Review by E

I ordered the 5/16 and it went in real smooth. The length is one of the best features of this thing. I love sliding it in all the way. When you're limp, it feels like a regular sound, but when you're hard, all your tight spots feel every perfectly grooved ridge. The ridges are not too deep to ruin, yet deep enough to wreck! I'm in love. Try it with a cock ring on for an even tighter fit.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

Nice Review by Scott

Love the feeling the ribs gives me. I alternate between other sounds that I use. Size was just right for best feeling.

(Posted on 6/5/14)

Top quality product Review by Norwegian

Nice piece of steel. I got my 3/8 size few weeks ago.

(Posted on 5/31/14)

Sound Review by Brutus

We'll made product very smooth nice weight. HoweverI think I ordered a size too small because the one I got slips straight in, so it just feels like a smooth sound. Either the ribbing should be deeper, or a bigger sound to fill up the gap.

(Posted on 5/28/14)

Awesome first time sound Review by Trailsailor

I bought the 5/16 since I never used a sound before. After the first rib ball went in, the rest just slid in. I can't remember when I was that erect and hard, It was an awesome and intense experience well worth the reasonable cost. It is well made and polished, Chain Gang shipped it really fast.

(Posted on 5/16/14)

wow Review by RJ

purchases the 1/4 inch sound slid in no trouble wanted a challenge so i purchased the 3/8 inch that couldn't get it in my dick head purchased a 3rd sound the 5/16 inch holy shit slid right in used lots of lube when my partner let it go it slid in on its own weight hope to work up to the 3/8 inch in a few weeks the feeling took my dick to a new level

(Posted on 4/30/14)

Very Good Review by Alan

When I first tried this I felt each rib as it went into my small pee hole opening. I had an instant erection. I have 3 tight spots - the first is my small pee hole, the other 2 are inside my tube about an inch apart and the ribs made me jerk each time one went through them. It took a little more lube to get it all the way in but my penis is so straight now. I need to get my camara fixed to take some pics. I let my girl friend put it into my pee hole and she felt each tight spot as the ribs went through them. She loves it. After she removed it from my penis, she washed it good and then pushed it into her pee hole which I had never seen before. It slid into her really easy and she nearly had the entire rod in then took it out. Now we can share this play toy.

(Posted on 4/14/14)

Exciting new Ribbed Sound sensations Review by Rob (again - more experiences)

I took the Ribbed Sound to bed one night, wearing fairly tight undershorts. Inserted the ribbed sound all the way to the bladder opening. There it stopped! I pulled the waist band over the top of the sound. I could feel a bit of pressure, but nothing happened. Soon fell asleep. A few hours later, I was awakened by a sudden, shocking feeling: pop!, pop!, pop!, pop!. One at a time, each rib popped its way into the bladder! What a thrilling sensation! Never felt anything like that before. Now I can do it often, but usually am awake for the sensation; still a thrill. It is not painful. Love it. Don't force, just keep a gentle, constant pressure until the oriface opens voluntarily. You will love the sensation.

Discovered that you can wear the Ribbed Sound during the day while wearing a CB6000 Chastity. It holds the sound gently in place. A word of caution: You'll have to lean to sit and rise gracefully, much as a young lassie would do in company's presence. It's a fun experience, to be sure. Let us know how it goes for you.

(Posted on 2/25/14)

Quality product Review by the cock doc

With great anticipation, the 3/8" ribbed urethral sound finally arrived at the post office. It is exactly what I have wanted for several years. The quality and workmanship is superb. The ribs are smoothly bevelled. I can't wait to sterilize it and stealthily slide it in to the root of my cock.

(Posted on 12/9/13)

Top Quality Review by Hans-J.

I am very happy for the Top Quality
an the super sice

(Posted on 8/22/13)

Slips in like quick-silver Review by Rob

What a wonder tool this device is. It almost eliminates the "touchy" little "pop" that most of us experience in introduction to the urethra. What I like is that you can feel each little hump as it slides down and into place. My 3/8" caused some apprehension, but "not to worry". I use it as often as I can. It is such a good feeling, almost causes a "glandular reaction" in my I wish I could wear it all day long. A glands ring would be a great addition.

Used lying down, it slides right down; almost takes your breath away. Painless! Great toy looking forward to some other items.

A little tip: Use a Q-tip with some Vaga-cane or similar numbing agent before you put it in. Lube the urethra as far as you can reach-in. Works really well for this and for larger butt plugs. Deadens the temporary pain a bit.

(Posted on 8/10/13)

Wow! Review by First Timer

This a great new toy for me! Wish I had known about sounding a lot earlier. My girlfriend is fascinated by it! For what it is worth...when you have to choose the size, they are not listed from smallest to largest. At first I received a 9/16 sound... UH, that's not going to happen. Ordered at 1/4 inch and it's great. Probably going to order a bigger size soon!

(Posted on 8/7/13)

Very pleased Review by ETS

Quick delivery, exactly what I ordered, very pleased.

(Posted on 7/31/13)

Nice U Rod Review by LP

I really like the weight and the low rib height of this .375 Dia. urethral sound,it hits all the right spots.Only wish it was about two inches longer,.Other than that, its finish an quality is outstanding. Shipping was relatively fast too!

(Posted on 7/28/13)

very good Review by venture

This is the best tool I ever paid for in a long time works great

(Posted on 6/13/13)

Good quality product poor packaging Review by my5cents

The 3/8" ribbed sound, which you can expect is quite heavy was contained in a padded envelope. The sound was inside the envelope inside a thin plastic bag, no other padding. As can be expected with a moderately thin heavy item it has a tendency to pierce it's container. As I took the package out of my post office box the sound crashed through an existing hole in the padded envelope onto the ground. I expect the sound had already "escaped" through the same hole and the postal service had very nicely put it back inside. When shipping such a heavy semi pointed article it would be wise to pad each end. I was surprized the sound was still inside the package. Lucky I guess.

(Posted on 5/25/13)

Very good Review by Tombo

Very good. Feels great. Intense pleasure

(Posted on 5/15/13)

Excellent quality and incredible sensation Review by Byron

Purchased this to get my wife interested in some control play and boy does she love this now!! Before we fuck she loves to insert this in my dick and get me warmed up. Highly recommend this for the adventurous at heart.

(Posted on 5/8/13)

Exquisite! Review by Flatbed

I didn't know that just behind the meatus, my urethra narrows. The sound was a bit too big; but I've grown to accept it all the way in. I love the sensation of smooth, hard steel in my dick. I'm going to play with it a lot - even use some low voltage current from my TENS. I wish everyone could experience the wonderful sensation.

(Posted on 3/11/13)

Great toy... Review by Karma

What a fun ride...better than disneyworld and a lot cheeper! Hard to find the ribbed sounds, these are of great quality and outstanding service.

(Posted on 2/22/13)

Awesome Review by Hardwood

I thourowly enjoyed the three eights inch rod.It took some time to get it started ,after that it fell right into place WOW !

(Posted on 2/9/13)

Great toy Review by Gilles

I am 60 and it sure Light my flame. I recommend it.

(Posted on 1/3/13)

excellent Review by bbiker

loved it

(Posted on 12/21/12)

what a great sensation to sound with Review by skylar6789

fits perfectly and feel great when used - I bhope to buy a thicker one in the future.

(Posted on 12/13/12)

Awesome! Review by Victor

I'm a beginner with the urethral play. I had tried many home objects but none had made me feel really comfortable. I bought a 5/16 sound and let me tell you this object is awesome!!!. At first I was intimidated with the lenght, I started to insert the sound slowly, letting gravity act, and I was surprised when I saw the whole thing inside my cock (hard as a rock, I couldn´t avoid it). Watch entering rib by rib really excited me. Even felt I can take a thicker one. I really recommend the TCH products, the cost-benefit relationship is perfect.

(Posted on 11/27/12)

Great vibrations Review by dale

Was looking for somrthing like this! Found it! Great sensations! Will order the larger dia and try it with electrostim.

(Posted on 10/26/12)

Love it. Review by Kevin

Simple and effective. Nice and long. Went 1/4", buying 3/8" now.

(Posted on 10/25/12)

Great sensation Review by CJ

What a fun toy, my gf loves to play with it - she inserts it all the way past the ribs so only an inch is still showing, then slowly puls it out. By the time it is all the way in my penis has grabbed ahold of it and she has to use some pull to ge it to pop out, one rib at a time, and that sensation is really hot. Then she inserts it again and works it in and out, fuckiing my penis - she gets wet just doing it!

(Posted on 9/17/12)

Loved It Review by Joseph

Outstanding quality. Delivers all you desire and more.

(Posted on 8/20/12)

Simply FANTASTIC Review by Raymond

Got the 3/8" and the feeling is amazing, I've been sounding for several years and I would really like to get a full set of these, especially larger ones.

(Posted on 7/4/12)

Love it! Review by Lee

Great weight, excellent quality, fantastic price. Really dig it. Turned around and bought a full set along with a few other cool ( I mean HOT) things.

(Posted on 6/1/12)

Ridin the Ribs Review by screwed

Lots of good vibrations. Very smooth. Fast shipping, descreet packageing. FUN.

(Posted on 3/25/12)

Untitled Review by David

The ribbed urethral sound is better than I had anticipated . The ribs add great pleasure to sounding, already one of the greatest sexual pleasures I have experienced. Don't hesitate to order one, it is very worth the money.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by buddy boddy

fuckin awesome. fuckin great weight. awesome fuckin feel when pullin it in and out.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Michael

I purchased the 3/8 Ribbed Urethal Sound and I love it very much,the feeling is incredible as each rib slides in.It's well crafted and reasonable priced.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Michael

I purchased the 3/8 Ribbed Sound and I love it very much,the feeling is undescribable as each smooth rib glides in one by one.
I definitely recommend it for it's quality low-price and fast delivery.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

Beautiful piece. It was delivered very quickly

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by ben

It is perfect, you shipped my choice quickly.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

Great fun and feels good, just took a wbile to receive

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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