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WaterBuddy Penis Enlargement Pump

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WaterBuddy Penis Enlargement Pump

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I like it. Review by d57viper
Hi, the product was exactly as advertised and it arrived very quickly. So far I have used it only twice in the shower and a couple of times dry and I do like it. More experimenting needs to be done and I will get more into it. I like it a lot. You do need to be careful with pumping, as with any kind of pump. Thank you everyone and Happy New Year (Posted on 1/7/15)
Lost a bit of feeling Review by Gaining888
The product itself is fine. I need the bigger one, but I have used it and it gives you a pretty good pump. The only bad thing I can say at this point is that, when receiving oral, my dick is less sensitive after less pleasurable...and I'm UNCUT so it's strange because I usually feel A LOT of pleasure from it oral sex. So....bigger dick, but some desensitization. Anyone have any theories as to why. (Posted on 7/1/14)
okay Review by lostman
I have conflicting reviews on this recently acquired item. Received my waterbuddy arrived some 2 and a half plus weeks ago and I promptly,steadily,used,overused it for a week and a half as I learned my way around it. Loved the immediate short term,fun and games effect on my cock. Engorgement,raging full early morning erections,on demand orgasms,lingering sensitivity and fullness. Have not,however,at all enjoyed the past week plus chronic discomfort of strained,sore,injured groin muscles that since followed. To quote a previous reviewer,you can and probably will get injured. Incipient hernia,anybody? On the technical side I find the gator pump uncomfortably hard and the wet shower use on and off again iffy. Hence the pummeling and pounding I gave myself. Surprisingly the dry pumping with water lube seal on the gator,per package instruction,gives a much more positive, longer lasting,harder suction seal and result. Also more pummeling and pounding. The actual device seems up to all this. I'm continuing to sit out the next couple of weeks and hopefully have a full recovery,after which I'll consider getting the Androbath with its claim of a softer,gentler gator pump. From the positive versus negative effects,I'd like to get it right.

Management: Why are you "pummeling and pounding yourself ? Yyour are just supposed to pump it a couple times to get the suction built up and then let the pumps pressure do the work. It is not to pound your self with or to masturbate. (Posted on 5/26/14)
Great! Best pump ever! Review by tulscott
The water makes this so much more comfortable and effective. Make sure you get the shower strap.
Also make sure you know how big your erect penis is. I discovered that the Water Buddy was to small after the very first use. I've had to order the Andro Bath. Even though the Water Buddy is to small, I am still using the Water Buddy until my larger pump arrives. That's how effective it is. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Love this product Review by Aaron
Durable and effective, my girlfriend was amazed how much more girth this Waterbuddy gave me! I am average size but who wants average? Ive tried many other remedies, the waterbuddy is the only product that shows results! Thank you and i will recommend this product to anybody! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Initial WaterBuddy Review Review by SeeSeeMyPeePee
I just received this item in the mail today. I originally had a Bathmate Hercules. Unfortunately it has failed me after 6 months of use. First let me start with my Bathmate before I begin my initial review.

1. If left in warm water for 5-10 minutes the foam padding peeled off.
2. After 3 months use the rubber "gator" attached to the tube came unglued.
3. After 6 months use the rubber "gator" developed a tear.
4. The price was 110.00, with the shower strap.

1. I gained 1/2 inch in permanent girth. Starting at 4 1/4". Currently 4 3/4".
2. I gained 1/2 inch in permanent length. Starting at 7 3/4". Currently 8 1/4".

Now let me state the obvious the differences between the WaterBuddy and the Bathmate.

The WaterBuddy: Is cheaper than the Bathamate
About a 1/4-1/2" shorter than the Bathmate
About 1/4" smaller in circumfrence than the Bathmate
Has a thinner rubber "gator" than the Bathamate
Has a slightly different vacuum mechanism than the Bathmate

I would suggest the following:
1.Apply some water proof tape to where the "gator" meets the tube.
2.Apply a universal worm clam about 1/4" down from where the "gator" meets the tube.
3.Shave your pubic area for better suction.
4.Buy a shower strap, if you plan on using it the shower.
5.Give ample time between pumps, for example: pump until you reach suction, wait 1-2 minutes, pump once, wait 1-2 minutes, pump once, and so on until desired size is reached.
6.Invest in a quality silicone based cock/pumper ring, and wear while pumping.
6.DO NOT GET TOO AGGRESSIVE WITH PUMPING!!! You can and probably will get injured.

Since I have not used the WaterBuddy yet, I can not give any other feedback, but I will try to update this usage, and will comment if I notice any failure to the product. (Posted on 2/9/14)
follow up to management Review by Lawrence
I should have contacted you. I will say that the service you provided was excellent and I received my pump very quickly. I would definitely buy from you again. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Best Price for Quality Review by Sullivan
I was eager to buy one off the website. Even ebay sells it high price. Why spent $150+ when you can get it here. Works exactly the same & beats the retail or distributors price. No other place sell it cheaper than here & I thank you guys for that. If your looking for a bathmate that cheaper, get the waterbuddy. You will pump no where else that sells cheaper.My pump still works perfectly after about a year of purchasing.

Thank You! (Posted on 1/16/14)
Great product! Review by Mark
I really love this and it accomodates my larger size1 (Posted on 12/29/13)
Oh my gosh that was amazing Review by Big dick nick
Oh my gosh it works just like they said! I'm workin my bigger dick right now! Do u want to see a pic! Call 696-696-6969 (Posted on 11/16/13)

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