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Centipede Penis Plug


Quick Overview

The Centipede Penis Plug is 12 inches of slightly flexible stainless steel with a glans ring. It has six 1 inch long 8mm thick segmented pieces on a 1mm thin shaft. The flexibility allows it to mold to your body in a very sensual way! The Centipedes segmented pieces inch their way inside you bringing multiple waves of pleasure as they go, that keep you begging for more!

Centipede Penis Plug

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The Centipede Penis Plug is 12 inches of slightly flexible stainless steel with a glans ring. It has six 1 inch long 8mm thick segmented pieces on a 1mm thin shaft. The flexibility allows it to mold to your body in a very sensual way! The Centipedes segmented pieces inch their way inside you bringing multiple waves of pleasure as they go, that keep you begging for more!

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Customer Reviews

like Review by Ar

Feels good going in and coming out. It has an unique feel when wearing. Do wish it had a little more flex for added comfort.

(Posted on 1/7/15)

4 Stars Review by Tw

The length is about an inch too long, and the glans ring is too small. Other than that is really feels great, especially pulling it out slowly. I ordered another one , the centipede with the balls on it. Can't wait to try this one.

(Posted on 12/26/14)

good Review by KD

It was a good buy, my first.
I got it to go all the way in, just wish the head ring was a bit bigger. i couldn't get it over the head, so it wouldn't stay in.

(Posted on 12/19/14)

Interesting Review by chief5254

I was taken back by the felling this plug gives me. I incerted it and was amazed how far inside me it went. inside me. I think it went inside my bladder. The sensation it gives me is very unusual. I enjoy it very munch. great purchase.

(Posted on 8/23/14)

had problem but they took care of Review by bill

love the feeling its a little long but working on it

(Posted on 8/13/14)

Excellent Review by Michael

I've used sounds before but never something this long. The sensations from each of the segments is really great! It took me a few times before I could insert it all with way in my cock (using plenty of lube). My cock's 7 inches so around 5 more inches were deep past the root. The wife really enjoys both watching and inserting it for me. Very glad I purchased this and going to be looking into a few more penis plugs from you folks.

The surgical steel and how each segments unscrews for complete cleaning really makes this a perfect toy!

(Posted on 6/3/14)

Great tool. Review by Sounds Sweet

Just want to echo all the other comments here. I'm new to this and have been working my way up to accommodate this size and type of sound. I don't start off with this poker but usually work up to it after 10-15 minutes of working with the other tools. Great to stroke in and out quickly as the plugs hit the sensitive areas in a tapping pattern. Great Plug!

(Posted on 6/1/14)

Wow Review by Studman

What a great feeling that came from using this item. You'll feel the length hitting home when worn and secured by the ring.

(Posted on 5/28/14)

followup review Review by PAplayerWLR

Still enjoying this product wearing it longer and longer around the house. I can pee with it in too. Take not that inside each pod is metal parts and they will start rusting if you don't take each one apart after cleaning and allow them to dry before putting it all back together. Still very happy with it, just wanted to give other users a heads up. Sound On!

Management: This problem has now been corrected on all future ones. All pieces inside the pods are now 316L Surgical Steel as they should have been originally.

(Posted on 5/19/14)

never enough Review by new diver

Good to have a second!

(Posted on 5/16/14)

Pleases Her Review by Her Slave

My dominant wife ordered this as the newest device used for torturing my penis. It took 3 tried to insert it fully but She succeeded. Once inserted, She hooked up an electrical shock control and began to experiment with the different intensity settings.

(Posted on 4/22/14)

Fun toy for those with sounding back ground. Review by PA Player WLR

This shouldn't be your 1st sounding toy. It's a nice toy and since it's adjustable you can do many things with it. However I wish the rod was replaced with a thin cable to make it more useful and safer to use. Over all I enjoy it and hope the updated unit as more flex.

(Posted on 4/20/14)

Awsum Toy! Review by Anon

I LOVE this thing! Makes ur toes curl! I've been sounding for a while and THIS.....Opens up a whole new realm of Pleasure!!! Be careful, go slow & enjoy! Customer service from, "The Gang" was wonderful too, as usual! This thing needs it's own Website! Some of the other reviewers touched on this point but depending on your Penis length, you may want to consider removing a link or two? Don' t hurt yourself trying to use the Glans Ring. PS: If you've taken the whole length of a Rose Bud Sound and enjoyed it? THIS thing is gone-a blow your mind!

(Posted on 4/18/14)

Excellent Review by new diver

Same as much "Deep Diver"mentioned in his review, I just can say "Centipede"is mindblowing, provided you know your way rund!

(Posted on 4/3/14)

Excellent Review by new diver

I just can confirm "deep diver"s review!

(Posted on 3/30/14)

Just Right, Adjustable Depth A Good Thing Review by Deep Diver

This is one of the most awesome things I've had in my cock. Wearing it now, just to keep this review fresh. :-)

First, a note of care. With an erect penis, this will not negotiate Cobb's curve all that well since it doesn't flex enough to be similar to a Van Buren sound.

Second, if you are a smaller person, start off with by removing one link. This will definitely hit the bladder sphincter and go at least part way in as you work the glans ring in place. It's size will not treat you well there if you've not ventured that far and I'm not sure I want to run a metal join line across that very delicate bit of tissue. If you're accustomed to large catheters, it might be different. I did this and wanted more, and did manage to get the glans ring on with all links in place. There was a good deal of pressure, not entirely comfortable, and as I retreated I could feel the last link pop out of the sphincter muscle. When it's not right, you know it, pleasure or not.

Finally, this really does feel different than sounds of any sort. The sequence of links really is noticeable, especially when you get in deep, and flexing your ejaculation muscles brings pleasure, mainly of the unique sort that only a urethra player understands. It really does get down in the urethra around the pleasure points of the prostate, and I expect I'll get a lot of use out of it.

You definitely won't piss around this one, and be careful. Not recommended for wearing out of the house as bending this enough to get your junk in your pants will not be either pleasant, and possibly unsafe.

NOT for the faint of heart nor the inexperienced. Be very certain to follow all normal sanitation and sterilization steps too to avoid a UTI, and disassemble when cleaning.

With care, this is an utterly awesome bit of urethra play kit. After seeing a similar item on Youtube, I was amazed to find it, and at such a reasonable price. Thanks, Chain Gang!

(Posted on 11/22/13)

Centipede Review by Jeff

This is kinda cool I got it a week ago, It actually seems closer to a 8 or even a little over 8mm in width.. I couldnt get all 12 inches in my cock, so I had removed 2 links (they ARE unscrewable and also there is a NUT inside the little barrels... unscrew that and remove the ROD and the barrels one by one, so I removed them to 10 inches and got them all in, so I had put one back on and this ime I slightly bent them and got all 11 inches up inside my cock :) it isnt real flexible ;( just a little, so I DID put a CURVE on it :) I wanted to hit my prostate so I would cum but I couldnt ;( O well its kinda way cool having this large thing up yer cock and hanging out :) haha (Better than using a sounding rod that is straight and only 9 inches ;( and would fall out ;( yer spinchters somewhat hold this in place :) If yer pee hole is to big guys.... sorry ;( then again as for me ive been trying to jam a 10mm sound in it for a while and cant get it in without blood ;( O well....

(Posted on 11/22/13)

too big Review by MC

it looks like a great product but too big for me, will not fit.

(Posted on 10/29/13)

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