UPDATE: Settlement Reached in Piercing Infection Case – WIFR

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UPDATE: Settlement Reached in Piercing Infection Case WIFR UPDATE: On Tuesday, March 18th, a settlement was reached in the case involving 11 people who all had infections that was said to be caused by contaminated piercing equipment at Euro II…

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You Need To Read This!

Here is why not only do you need to have a Professional do your piercing, but also you have to do “Due Diligence” and use common sense to check out the shop BEFORE you get even an ear piercing. 

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Steel Dildos for the Best Fun

French Lover Dildo

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Nothing compares to surgical steel dildos. I have a true and ever-expanding collection at home, always looking for a new thrill and a new way to fill all of my wet holes. Nothing feels so exciting as having a long, thick toy shoved up your wet pussy or your tight ass. I’m not even sure which one feels better. I sure love to be filled in any way imaginable.

When I fuck myself in the pussy, I like to ride a steel dildo, to take it all in, faster and faster until I cum all over its smooth surface. It presses all the right spots, massaging me from the inside so I can just close my eyes and imagine a big, fat cock deep inside my pussy.

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Penis Pumps: Paid for by Medicare?

Penis Pumps paid for by Medicare? As revealed on the recent episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart, Penis Pumps are funded by Medicare.

The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee revealed that Medicare has spent about $172 million on Penis Pumps in the last five years. Bee informed the viewers about Medicare funding Penis Pumps at a cost of $362 per piece.

This is sure surprising news, since most people didn’t know about Penis Pumps being federally funded. Penis Pumps are effective devices made to treat erectile dysfunction and help men achieve erections almost instantly.

According to this news report, Medicare has been paying for Penis Pumps for years. It’s been noted that between 2006 and 2011, Medicare spent $172 million to purchase more than 470,000 Penis Pumps.

Watch the video for the full story:

Battery Operated Penis Pumps

Battery Operated Penis Pump / Erection Device

Battery Operated Penis Pump / Erection Device

There is a lot of talk these days about Penis Pumps being paid by Medicare. Many men don’t know about this, which means they might not even consider buying one. National debate aside, Penis Pumps are very helpful and effective devices so men need to know how to get them and how these devices can help them improve their sex life.

About Battery Operated Penis Pump

This is a popular and very effective type of a Penis Pump. Many men can benefit from it. If you have problems with erectile dysfunction, impotence, lack of desire, weak erections and premature ejaculation, chances are that your sex life is pretty miserable. This is where handy devices such as Penis Pumps come in handy.

Penis Pumps are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort with the best possible results. There are many different types of penis pumps, but some of the most popular and effective ones are battery operated Penis Pumps with a cylinder. These pumps are very easy to use and they provide almost immediate results.

A battery operated Penis Pump will enhance your erections and make you hard and ready for steamy sex. This handy erection device is made for men who wish to cure erectile dysfunction. The pump is self-operated (it uses batteries) and it comes with a comfortable cylinder to create vacuum effect.

The size of the cylinder is 8 ½ inches long and 2 ½ inches wide, so it fits most men. This Penis Pump comes with 6 different sizing rings to ensure the best fit and comfort.

Some Things to Consider

Here are some things you need to think about when using a Penis Pump:

  • A battery operated Penis Pump is made to provide immediate results, so you should use it before intercourse.
  • Possible long-term results vary and will depend on your anatomy and unique situation. Keep trying and you will see a general improvement.
  • You need to follow instructions carefully in order to achieve the best possible results.
  • Clean your Penis Pump regularly and use it according to the user manual to make it last you for a long time.
  • To maximize results, you may also “practice” with the pump in your free time. Use it even if you don’t intend to have sex. Experiment with masturbation and using penis pumps to achieve different effects.

Local Pols Revive Bill To Ban Tattooing, Piercing Of Pets After Viral Story – Bensonhurstbean

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Local Pols Revive Bill To Ban Tattooing, Piercing Of Pets After Viral Story Bensonhurstbean “Animals should not undergo cosmetic surgeries, tattoos and piercing, not only because it is cruel, but general anesthesia puts them at a tremendous health…

Body Jewelry by TCG‘s insight:

We at TheChainGang.com who have sold body jewelry for 22 years  and support tattoos just by the bulk purchases we have made also feel that this is cruel and Animal Abuse and should be treated as such.

Animals are not a possessions they are companions.

To put them under risky anesthesia longer then necessary for your own enjoyment is not only cruel, and dangerous but it is abuse.


The ENTIRE Chain Gang Team

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Is Silver Jewelry Safe?

Silver Star Nipple Chain With Titanium Straight Barbell

Silver Star Nipple Chain With Titanium Straight Barbell

When it comes to body jewelry, material is important. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important things you need to think about. Quality, body-safe materials are crucial because they will make your experience positive. Bad materials can cause various problems, from allergic reactions to infections, so they are best to be avoided.

Most people know about the popular body-safe materials: titanium, surgical steel and gold. These materials are often used to make all types of body jewelry, from barbells and captive bead rings to other types of jewelry.

Silver, on the other hand, doesn’t appear often on those lists. This is a bit strange: after all, silver is a precious (noble) metal and it’s very beautiful. While it’s not as popular or valued as gold, many people love it and want to wear body jewelry made of it.

So, is silver safe to wear?

In short: yes. Silver is a safe metal for body jewelry. This statement comes with a few conditions, though, so make sure you are familiar with them. Read them through before you decide to wear body jewelry made of silver. Most people can wear silver jewelry without a problem but some consideration should be made to ensure the best experience without any negative body reactions.

Generally speaking, silver is a good material to use because it’s precious and jewelry made of it is typically well-crafted. It’s better to use silver jewelry than many cheap types of jewelry made of questionable materials. This jewelry is also more durable than jewelry made of many other types of materials.

Silver, however, may also be the source of an allergy. First of all, there are people allergic to silver. If you are one of those people then silver body jewelry is not for you. Since silver is a common material for jewelry chances are that you know whether you are allergic to it or not.

The other problem associated with some types of silver jewelry is nickel allergy. Some silver alloys contain a certain nickel content so this type of jewelry can sometimes cause an allergy. This is why you should know if you are allergic to nickel (and how your body reacts to it).

Other than this problem, jewelry made of silver, particularly Sterling Silver, is very beautiful and safe to use. However, before you purchase a silver jewelry, make sure that you are not allergic to silver or nickel.

One more thing you can do is to use combined jewelry made of silver and another body safe material such as surgical steel or titanium. This type of jewelry will have parts that go inside your body made of surgical steel, titanium or gold, while the silver part will be the one that’s not touching your skin directly. This is a good, safe choice for those who want to wear silver body jewelry.

Final word of warning: silver is not suitable for new piercings (or damaged piercings) because blood and other bodily fluids will make it oxidize. This will not only turn the jewelry black but it will also release silver salts, which can cause allergies or discoloration of the skin around the piercing.


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joz100′s photo on Instagram (Would love to do these at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy convention…

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Amazing Fine line Work

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The Proper Fit for Nipple Rings

Star Nipple Shield and Barbell

Star Nipple Shield and Barbell

Nipple rings and other types of nipple jewelry are very effective and truly make your nipple piercing stand out. However, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the most appropriate size. Unlike many other piercings, knowing the gauge is not enough; you need to choose the appropriate length of a barbell and a suitable shape of the jewelry (this is particularly true for nipple shields and other jewelry types encircling the nipple).

Different Types of Nipple Piercings

The first step in choosing an appropriate nipple jewelry is to choose a jewelry type you wish to buy. There are many different jewelry styles, sometimes collectively known as “nipple rings”. However, rings are just one jewelry type, and it’s not even the most commonly used for nipple piercings. The most common and the most basic nipple jewelry type is straight barbell.

  • Straight barbells. A straight barbell made of a body-safe material is the most common jewelry type for nipple piercing. These are standard straight barbells and many of them can be used for other types of piercings. Some barbells specially made for nipple piercings have gems facing out so they can be seen from the front.
  • This basic jewelry type can further be expanded to add various dangles, chains and decorations. These decorations typically hang on a chain attached to the ends of the straight barbell.
  • The most complex nipple jewelry type is a nipple shield. This jewelry type is made to encircle the nipple and make it stand out from the hole in the center. Some nipple shields are not even made for pierced nipples and they are held in place using special glue or some other method. Nipple shields made for pierced nipples are attached to a straight barbell which goes through the piercing.

Sizing and Fitting

Antique Owl Nipple Rounder

Antique Owl Nipple Rounder

Sizing for nipple jewelry can be a bit difficult because there are several things to take into account, depending on the type of the jewelry: the gauge, the length of the barbell and the diameter/shape of the hole (for nipple shields).

The first thing to take into account is the gauge size. You need to know the size you are pierced with (or the stretched size, if you have stretched nipple piercings). The gauge size will determine the gauge of the jewelry you need to use. Most nipple piercings are made at 14g, which is the most common gauge for nipple jewelry.

The next thing to determine is the length of the barbell you need to use. Sizing is done similarly to any other straight barbell sizing: you need to measure your nipple’s width to determine the length of the barbell. Make sure to add a bit because you don’t want the barbell to be tight: the balls should not press onto your nipple. The easiest way to determine a proper barbell size is to take your current jewelry and measure it. Remember to always measure the length of barbell between the two tips when both balls are screwed into place. The standard length of straight barbells used for nipple piercings is 5/8 inches (16 millimeters).

Gem Set Heart Nipple Rounder

Gem Set Heart Nipple Rounder

For nipple shields and other similar types of jewelry, you will also need to measure a diameter. These diameters vary greatly because there are many anatomic variations when it comes to the size and shape of a nipple. It’s important to measure your nipple and to talk to your piercer for sizing recommendations. A lot will depend on the style: some people want tight nipple shields while others are comfortable with loosely fit nipple shields. It’s important to understand all the variations and to take this into account when choosing a nipple shield for yourself.